ATWT Best Lines Monday 7/5/10

As The World Turns Best Lines Monday 7/5/10


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Barbara: Make one crack about my age, Chuckles, and you're going down. I'm thirsty. I'm really thirsty. Oh. How convenient. Just like when my kids were little. Ahh. Wonder what they're drinking at that travesty of a wedding. Champagne? Not the bride. She's pregnant. Stop grinning at me, you -- you clown, you. It's not very fun, you know. It's not very funny being drugged and locked up in here in this -- in this Godforsaken place while that tart has snagged Henry with the oldest and tackiest and tawdriest trick in the book. Oh, you were here. You were here when I arrived. When I got here, you saw who brought me here. Now, who was it who would want me put away? I know the list must be very, very long, but the people who would actually do it, I bet the list is shorter. Clues, clues. Oh. Definitely a woman........ So, Chuckles -- may I call you Chuckles? Which one of those bitches do you think left me here with you to rot? There was a time I mean, there's no shortage of women that would be happy if I had never been born. I mean, the question is, what is different about today? And I know the answer. I have information that would blow Henry's shotgun wedding out of the water. Which means that there's only one person who could have done this to me -- Vienna.

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