ATWT Best Lines Tuesday 6/15/10

As The World Turns Best Lines Tuesday 6/15/10


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Margo: All right. Well, procedure mandated that I take it before the D.A., And so I did. And besides -- Craig, I have given you the benefit of the doubt before, and I've always lived to regret it. Kind of gun-shy.

Craig: Well, that's not a good thing for a cop.

Margo: Well, I'm -- I'm sorry, okay? There it is.

Craig: Well, lucky for you, I don't need any sisterly support right now. Thank you for your hospitality. It's not like I won't cherish my memories of the Oakdale P.D. But I've had quite enough of this place, thank you very much. Handcuffs?

Margo: You were just about to skip out of here. Will you hold still?

Craig: Ow! But I didn't try to murder anyone. Gabriel just said the charge was a lie.

Margo: All right. Then you won't go to trial and prison for attempted murder.

Craig: Then what are these for?!

Margo: Arson, extortion. Those charges don't magically disappear because you've been cleared of -- of attacking Gabriel.

Craig: But that's what -- that's what you have a lawyer for -- to deal with the details. Why can't I go?

Margo: The details -- arson, extortion! You broke out of jail. You -- you attacked an officer. And Lucinda is pressing charges that you attempted to attack her.

Craig: I did not. I did not assault Lucinda.

Lucinda: Oh, wait a minute. I heard that. You absolutely did. For heaven's sake, you took my scarf! You muffled me so I couldn't cry. You saw what I looked like when I got back. And he bound me. Look! I just saw those. Look! Look what you did to me.

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