ATWT Best Lines Friday 6/11/10

As The World Turns Best Lines Friday 6/11/10


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Lucinda: Lily would never believe your lies about me.

Craig: [Laughs] Even you don't believe that. She's furious at you for convincing her to keep my son away from me all these years. She'd bend over backwards just to assuage the guilt she feels.

Lucinda: [Chuckles] "Assuage." This is desperate -- a desperate attempt to cover up your own misdeeds. Trying to kill your own child -- filicide I think they call it -- they should rename that. Call it Montgomery syndrome.

Craig: Would you like to ask lily to come see me, or shall I do it myself?

Lucinda: Don't threaten me. It's not going to work.

Principal: Now for our closing remarks, I'd like to hand over the microphone to a graduate who has had more than her share of adversity this year but still managed to come out on top. May I present to you ms. Liberty Ciccone.


Liberty: [Clears throat] When I first came to this school, all I wanted to do was cut class. And I ditched a lot. I guess I wanted a little more drama in my life. But be careful what you wish for, because since then, my life has been nothing but drama. I will spare you all the gory details. Most of you already know them anyway. And that's not what matters today. The important thing is I would not be standing here if it weren't for the people who loved me and fought for me and with me and made me realize what's really important. You didn't give up on me, even when it would have been the easier thing to do. I want to thank all of my teachers for letting me make up my work and take all my exams up to the very last minute. And I would like to thank Parker Snyder. I used to be nice to him just so he would do my math homework, but that all changed when I realized what an awesome guy he is. He sat by my bedside the entire time I was sick, even when it got really ugly, and he never looked away. And even yesterday, he rallied the troops to help me prepare for my exams. And no, he didn't do my math homework this time. When it comes to parker, the word "friend" does not even begin to cover it. And then there's my mom -- hi, mom -- who sacrificed so much for me and taught me that no matter how hard things are, life can still be an adventure and full of fun. Whenever I fell down or messed up, I always knew you'd be there to pick me up. Okay, so please don't stop, because a high-school diploma doesn't guarantee that I'll never do anything stupid again. I'm always, always going to need you with me. There's, um, one person I wish with all my heart could be here today, and that's my dad. He's the real reason I'm graduating. I know this sounds nuts, but um, even after he died, when I wanted to drop out, he convinced me that I needed to stay in school. And he told me that whenever I missed him, I could look up in the stars, and he'd be there, looking back down at me. Except we're inside right now, and it's the middle of the day. But he's always with me. I'm so lucky. I have an awesome family and amazing friends and an incredible future as bright as, well, the stars. Thank you.


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