ATWT Best Lines Wednesday 6/9/10

As The World Turns Best Lines Wednesday 6/9/10


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Reid: Wait. That's -- that's my heinous sin -- nepotism? This coming from you? Your grandson nearly married a staff nurse until the wedding tanked in a -- in infidelity and gunfire. Your son works at the hospital. Your mother volunteers here, and I bet she gets pretty prime parking spaces, too.

Bob: None of my family is as involved in the new wing as you and Luke are.

Reid: I bet you wouldn't be half so put off if this didn't involve two gay men.

Bob: This has absolutely nothing to do with your sexual orientation.

Reid: If you say so.

Bob: It's a matter of ethics, pure and simple. If you are having a relationship or intend to have a relationship with a major donor to this hospital, it is unethical.

Reid: Says you. Why don't we play it this way, bob? You stay out of my personal life. I'll get involved with whoever the hell I want to. And if somebody at Invicta Corporation doesn't like it, tough.

Bob: That's an interesting suggestion. Let me tell you how I think it's going to play out. The new wing will move forward under your leadership, or you will have a relationship with Luke Snyder. You can't have both. Choose.

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