ATWT Best Lines Tuesday 5/4/10

As The World Turns Best Lines Tuesday 5/4/10


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Chris: Is that Noah Mayer's chart?

Reid: And if it is?

Chris: That surgery's been performed what, like 20 times? It's still experimental.

Reid: Make your point, Doogie.

Chris: Are you sure you can handle it? Don't get all bent out of shape. Even you have to admit it's risky.

Reid: Yes, you're right, it would be risky for someone the likes of you to attend.

Chris: Because I'm so much less talented than you are.

Reid: Don't worry about Noah Mayer. I've performed the surgery several times, always successfully. Would you like to observe? You might learn something.

Chris: Thank you for the offer, but I'm gonna go meet a friend. Would you like to observe? Maybe you'll learn something.

Reid: Well, your blood pressure's spiking. What's wrong? Are you losing faith in my consummate skill?

Noah: Um, I shouldn't be nervous, but I am.

Reid: Just think about everything you're gonna be able to see after you get out of here -- flowers, birds, trees.

Noah: And you. I'll finally see you. What -- what do you look like, Dr. Oliver?

Reid: Comb-over, buck teeth, this big old beer belly.

Noah: And a huge unibrow, too, right?

Reid: Oh, come on. Who told you about that? All right, your blood pressure's going down. You keep these funny pictures in your head, okay?

Noah: Yeah, okay I'll try

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