ATWT Best Lines Friday 4/16/10

As The World Turns Best Lines Friday 4/16/10


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Carly: [Laughs] It's about time.

[Door opens]

[Janet gasps]

Carly: What the hell?!

Janet: Oh, my God!

Jack: Janet.

Janet: I don't know what's wrong with me. I should have knocked. I just -- I'm gonna go.

Jack: No, wait. Um, I'm -- I'm sorry.

Carly: So, what the hell are you sorry for?

Jack: You heard her, Carly. It was an accident.

Carly: Tell me something, Janet -- did you get an eyeful?

Jack: Carly!

Carly: Is this what you were hoping to see, what you hoped to walk in on?

Janet: Oh, my God, no! What's wrong with you?

Carly: You want to know what's wrong with me? You want to know what my problem is, Janet? I'll tell you -- it's you.

Janet: I know you're mad at me.

Carly: Oh, you picked up on that, did you?

Janet: And I can't say how sorry I am. I just came in here to borrow one of Jack's shirts.

Carly: What? Why?

Janet: For my father. I didn't realize that you guys -- I didn't think you'd be here right now.

Carly: Of course you didn't. And you know why?

Jack: Carly.

Carly: Because you never think. You never realize. You act like this is your house, like Jack is still your husband, like what's his is yours, and I have had it! Jack: Okay, why -- why don't we go down to the kitchen and talk about this, okay?

Carly: What? Well, why should I go to the kitchen? This is my bedroom! She shouldn't be here!

Jack: It was an accident.

Carly: I swear to God, Jack, if you start defending her --

Jack: No, Carly, I'm just trying to be reasonable about this.

Carly: Reasonable? We were in bed together, and she walked in. Should I be okay with that?!

Jack: Look, I know this is a difficult situation for everybody.

Carly: Oh, but much more difficult for her than it is for me, right? I should put her feelings ahead of my own the way you do -- is that it? What more can you possibly ask of me, Jack? I've given her a place at my table. I've given up my privacy. All I have left is you. And, yes, I know she's pregnant, and I can deal with that, and I can deal with you worrying about her every second of every day, but when is it gonna be enough?!

Jack: What do you want me to do, Carly? She's gonna have my baby.

Carly: Well, guess what, Jack? I already did! If you can't draw the line around here, then I will.

Janet: I know my being here is making things complicated for you. I'm -- I'm just gonna go.

Carly: Why? So Jack can chase after you?

Jack: All right, that's enough.

Carly: I may not have a sick kid or a father in the hospital or a fiancÚ with a bullet wound in the back of his head, but I do have a life, and I have a right to that life, and Jack is a part of that life. And if I want to spend time with him alone in the afternoon in my own home, I have a right to do that without worrying that his ex-wife is gonna walk in on us!

Lily: You know what? I think that we should have a standing family dinner night -- you know, with you, me, your dad, Luke, Natalie, Ethan, and we'll do it at my house.

Faith: Aren't you forgetting someone?

Lily: Of course. Molly, we'd be happy to have you, as well.

Molly: Thank you.

Holden: You know what? It sounds great. In fact, why don't we, uh, why don't we do it right now? I'll call Billy's. We'll get some takeout. Why don't you guys go upstairs and get settled?

Faith: Great.

Molly: No, wait. We don't need takeout. I made a casserole. What? I can't follow a recipe?

Lily: Well, your chocolate cake didn't turn out so hot.

Molly: Okay, yeah, well, I've been practicing. And I have a casserole. It's in the fridge. I just have to heat it up, and we can eat in like ten minutes.

Holden: I'll open a bottle of wine.

Lily: Just one?

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