ATWT Best Lines Thursday 4/15/10

As The World Turns Best Lines Thursday 4/15/10


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Meg: Emily, I am so sorry. It's not what it looks like.

Emily: Actually, I think it probably is.

Meg: I'm gonna take Eliza back to her crib.

Paul: That's probably a pretty good idea.

Meg: I really am sorry.

Paul: I didn't even know that she was there.

Emily: Oh, that's reassuring. Are you aware when you're in bed with me?

Paul: She was crying, and, so, I brought her into bed to quiet her down.

Emily: I'm sorry. Are we talking about Eliza?

Reid: She had a nice smile, Annie.

Luke: Nice?

Reid: Brave, like she knew that we were worried for her. She wanted us to know that it was gonna be all right I was the one that was causing her pain, cutting into her skull, sticking her with needles, ordering chemo, but she always lit up when I walked in the room. I miss that smile. Nobody smiles when I walk in a room. Most of the time, they act like it's the grim reaper, and I'm okay with that, but I didn't want to be that for Annie. I miss Annie. The world misses her. Because I couldn't save her, they're never gonna know it.

Luke: People think that you're a brilliant doctor because you're fearless. They don't know it's because you care so much.

Reid: You sound like a self-indulgent celebrity therapist.

Luke: Why do you do that? You came so close to being a real human with real emotions, and you just go right back to being a jerk.

Reid: You're wrong, Mr. Snyder. I'm always a jerk.

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