ATWT Best Lines Monday 4/5/10

As The World Turns Best Lines Monday 4/5/10


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Bob: Most of it was useless. Tom suggested that I woo you. I kind of like that.

Kim: Woo? Was that his word or yours?

Bob: His, his. I think he was trying to, uh, cross the generational divide.

Kim: And that's why you came?

Bob: To woo you? No, no. Unless you'd be receptive.

Kim: There's something I'd like a lot better.

Bob: Hmm. I suppose another apology would be kind of weak and ordering you to go home would be a bad thing to --

Kim: Would probably really tick me off.

Bob: Okay. Then let's just tell it like it is. Even the slightest chance of losing you shakes me up. Whether it's legal or illegal, the last 25 years with you in my heart have been the happiest and most fulfilling, and -- I don't want that to continue.

Kim: You don't?

Bob: No. I don't want things to be the same with you. I want a new beginning.

Kim: With somebody else?

Bob: What? Where did you get that?

Kim: Well, you just said you want a new beginning.

Bob: No, no. With you. I want you, just you, always you. You're a part of me, the better part.

Kim: Gosh. That's a two-way street. You make me better, too. And I really love everything you're saying, but I can't let you say anymore, because I can't let myself be sucked in by romance. Because I need more than sweet words. I need you. Oh, my God, I need years with you, and if you keep working the way you are, you're gonna kill yourself, and then I'm gonna be spending whatever is left of my life kicking myself because I settled for a promise and lost the man I love!

Bob: Well, I guess you'd -- I guessed that you'd be stubborn about this, so Casey thought that I should give you a cool present.

Kim: That's very sweet, but do you really think that presents are gonna solve our problems?

Bob: No. But this might. It's my resignation as chief of staff at the hospital, and I'll turn it in to the board of directors tomorrow if you'll marry me. What are you doing?

Kim: I'm not gonna let you give up your work.

Bob: What do you want?

Kim: I want -- I want a dinner once in a while uninterrupted by telephone calls. I want date nights and weekend rendezvous and kisses and wooing.

Bob: Well, make that mutual wooing and I'm aboard.

Kim: Oh, darling. Years ago, 25 years ago, it seemed like the time that we had together was infinite, and we're so much older now, and we know better. We just can't let what we have be taken for granted. I need you to understand that.

Bob: And I do. So, will you officially marry me tomorrow in front of our kids, family, our friends, at a sunrise ceremony like it was 25 years ago?

Kim: Of course I will. Of course.

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