ATWT Best Lines Tuesday 3/16/10

As The World Turns Best Lines Tuesday 3/16/10


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Reid: I have a few reservations.

Chris: Let me guess, you want the new wing named after you, or maybe just the hospital.

Reid: I want final say on every decision, from blueprints to construction to equipment purchases. I want total autonomy once we open, including staff, supplies, and budgets. I want a fund to cover patients like Noah Mayer who don't have insurance. And I want a 50% increase on my current salary at the medical center in Dallas.

Bob: Well -- well, I have a fiduciary responsibility to the hospital, and this has to be passed by the board of directors, as well.

Reid: Okay. Go ahead. Talk to them.

Bob: Well, I'll -- I'll certainly consider your requests when we draw up the contract.

Reid: No, they're not requests.

Bob: Oh. Well, then, if you can't be satisfied, I guess -- you know, Dr. Channing would love to come in and run this research unit.

Reid: Channing?

Bob: Well, I mean, he keeps calling me saying he wants to get out of Chicago and, uh, move to someplace quiet.

Reid: No, no, no, I'm not letting that deli slicer within 50 miles of my facility.

Bob: That wouldn't be up to you if we can't come to an agreement.

Reid: All right. Draw something up. I'll take a look at it.

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