ATWT Best Lines Thursday 3/11/10

As The World Turns Best Lines Thursday 3/11/10


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Reid: Hey, Richie Rich, what are you doing here? You fixing a ticket, bribing a judge?

Luke: My father is going to prison.

Reid: Good dad or bad dad?

Luke: Do you ever get tired of the sound of your own voice? Because quite frankly, I'm sick of it.

Luke: I know that you don't care, but Damian is my father, and I'll probably never see him again.

Reid: Lucky you have a spare.

Luke: God, you're such -- do you ever think about the effect that you have on people?

Reid: What? You mean, like, saving their lives?

Luke: I know that you are the most amazing surgeon that has ever walked the face of this earth, but as a human being, I think you're way down there, like at rock bottom.

Reid: Hey, I didn't have to come down here and keep good dad from being shipped off to Malta to face murder charges.

Luke: No, you didn't, and I am grateful.

Reid: Oh, it shows.

Chris: Meghan yee. She and I were both shut out because you claimed responsibility for a medical breakthrough that happened at a lab where you were just cleaning out the test tubes.

Reid: Yeah. I did a little more than that.

Chris: No, you cheated.

Reid: The fellowship committee didn't seem to think so. Anyway, who cares?

Chris: I do, and I'll let my father know what kind of medical ethics you practice.

Reid: Trust me, he knows. You know, I'm gonna come back when Doogie Hughes here is gone.

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