ATWT Best Lines Wednesday 3/3/10

As The World Turns Best Lines Wednesday 3/3/10


Provided By Wanda

Bob: Well, you seem to be in high spirits.

Reid: Why not? As long as everything goes as planned with this hearing, I should be on the next flight out of here.

Kim: You sound like you had a bowl of confidence for breakfast.

Reid: That I did, that I did, with a little dose of victory on top.

Bob: Well, remember, your fate is not in our hands. It's in the judge's hands, and they tend to uphold the law, no matter how brilliant the accused may be.

Kim: Even brilliant neurosurgeons.

Reid: I suppose it doesn't matter to you both that I saved both of your lives during that whole wedding-hostage fiasco. You'd still like to see me behind bars. Fine, okay. All right. Do what you want. I would rather be in jail than continue to be forced to work at your pathetic little excuse of a hospital.

Kim: So, what was all of that about?

Bob: Oh, I was just having some fun. I love to see him squirm.

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