ATWT Best Lines Friday 2/19/10

As The World Turns Best Lines Friday 2/19/10


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Carly: I'm just really worried about Janet.

Teri: Right.

Carly: And Jack and I were married, and we're still friends. So, I'm worried about him, too.

Teri: Hey, well, you need to stop saying things like this, okay?

Carly: And we have children together. Of course, eventually, this will trickle down and affect them, not to mention your niece. Here she is fighting for her life, and now she has to deal with this, now?

Teri: Okay, Carly, you need to drop this, and I would consider it a personal favor if you never brought this up to me or anyone else again, okay? What? Are you kidding?

Carly: Here's the thing, Teri, I've lived in this burg for a really, really long time. It's as small as small town gets. Do you know what that means?

Teri: People can't help but make up lies and spread them.

Carly: There are no secrets in Oakdale. Zero. Take it from me. I've been on both sides of them. I know.

Teri: Well, I need to go to work.

Carly: And if you are going to have an affair, why do it in broad daylight in the middle of the Lakeview? Half the town will find out that way. You know the old -- they'll tell two friends.

Teri: Who told you?

Carly: Why, you did, just now.

Janet: Liberty this is my father Rocco. Rocco this is your granddaughter Liberty.

Rocco: Hey, sweetheart. You're just as pretty as your mom was at your age.

Liberty: Are you kidding me? What is he doing here?

Janet: Liberty, he, uh -- he actually got tested back home, and it turns out that he is a bone-marrow match, you know, just in case you need it.

Rocco: Really glad to help if you need me.

Liberty: Really? You are?

Janet: Liberty.

Liberty: Seriously? You waited till I have cancer to want to meet me? I mean, is it -- is it because I might not be around all that long? It's not too much of a commitment for you then, right?

Janet: Baby, please.

Liberty: Do you know how hard it was for my mom when she got pregnant with me? She had no one. She didn't even have a place for us to live for some of the time. She didn't know how to put food on the table.

Teri: Libby, he's here now, okay, and he wants to help you.

Liberty: Oh, yeah. The hell with that. I don't -- I don't want your bone marrow. Thank you, though, but please get the hell out of my room.

Janet: Liberty.

Liberty: Parker, can you please make them leave, and can you shut the door?

Janet: It's okay. Okay. Everybody out. I'm sorry, Pop. She's been going through a rough time, you know?

Rocco: Willful. I wonder why.

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