ATWT Best Lines Thursday 2/18/10

As The World Turns Best Lines Thursday 2/18/10


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Carly: I've got a lot to do. I've got errands to do, I've got to pick up the dry cleaning, and I have to stop by metro to talk to dusty about last year's taxes.

Jack: You're making excuses.

Carly: And you've got to go home to your wife. Am I still making excuses? I'm just trying to live my life and not get sucked into this insane game that we're playing.

Jack: It's not a game.

Carly: It is. And I can't keep being the one to put on the brakes. It's not fair.

Parker: Just checking on you. It looks like you just found out you have cancer or something.

Liberty: Oh, ha, ha, ha! Ironic. I did. Didn't you have a physical-therapy appointment or something, gimpy?

Parker: Yeah, but I blew it off. You said you needed help with your homework, remember?

Liberty: Wow, who knew? Getting sick kind of has its upsides.

Parker: No, but seriously, how are you feeling?

Liberty: Half dead. [Yawns] How are you?

Parker: My -- my leg still hurts.

Liberty: Well, if you went to your physical-therapy appointment, you could do something about it.

Parker: But coming here and giving you a hard time is just much more fun.

Liberty: No! You're not allowed to ruin your life 'cause I'm dying.

Parker: You're not dying.

Liberty: I'm totally dying. Are you ready? Are you ready for this? I do a really good dying. [Groans] Parker --

Parker: You know what? That -- that was by far the worst death that I've ever seen.

Liberty: Just stick around. The real thing's going to be amazing. Very theatrical.

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