ATWT Best Lines Thursday 1/14/10

As The World Turns Best Lines Thursday 1/14/10


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Katie: I guess so. Good-bye, Henry.

Henry: Oh, my God. That word never sounded so sad.

Katie: Okay. Now you say it.

Henry: If I don't, will it force you to stay?

Katie: No. You'll just regret that you never did.

Henry: I already regret enough. Here's looking at you, kid.

Parker: I -- I got it. I can do this myself.

Jack: Do you want to break your other leg, too?

Parker: You guys are turning me into a complete invalid.

Carly: If the cast fits --

Parker: Oh, that's -- that's funny.

Jack: Get used to it, buddy.

Parker: What, the attention, or Mom's bad jokes?

Jack: No, the couch. It's gonna be your new best friend, at least until you can navigate the stairs.

Katie: No, really, Henry, you don't.

Henry: Don't you want to face this with the people that love you?

Katie: No! Because you love me so much, you're making me feel like I'm in a prison! If I cry, I -- I'm losing it! If I laugh, I'm manic! I can't handle it anymore!

Henry: Okay, okay, okay, okay. You know what? We'll -- we'll back off. We'll give you your space, and we'll do whatever you want. Right, Margo?

Katie: No, it's not enough. I'm sorry. It's not enough.

Margo: Honey, I do not want to see you make a mistake that you're gonna regret.

Katie: So what if I do? What is the big deal? I'll be able to handle it and say, "hey, I made a mistake."

Simon: Yeah, and then I'll bring her home.

Katie: I've got to go out in the world, though, and find that out for myself.

Margo: Aw, Katie, with Simon?

Katie: Yes, with Simon. He's the only one who's not treating me like an emotional invalid. I love you so much. Please love me enough to let me do this.

Dusty: Would you like something to eat? It might take your mind off what's going on inside that room.

Janet: I just want to know what's happening, you know? I mean, parker broke his leg, and he's already at home. Liberty barely has a scratch on her. Why is she still here?

Dusty: The doctor's just being thorough. I'd think a mama bear like you would appreciate that.

Janet: Oh, I am being a little ferocious, aren't I?

Dusty: Well, you're a mama bear. It comes with the territory.

Janet: Well, luckily, you have a very calming effect on this mama bear.

Dusty: Oh, great. Glad to help out.

Janet: Help out? Are you kidding me? You sneaked food in. You allow us to use your helicopter -- your private helicopter -- to airlift parker and liberty back to Oakdale. You've gone above and beyond.

Dusty: Not to me.

Janet: Well, I'm grateful. And I'm sorry.

Dusty: Sorry about what?

Janet: Well -- I've been treating you like you've got the swine flu ever since, you know, new year's.

Dusty: That's okay. No need to apologize.

Janet: No, really, there -- I do need to apologize. Especially, you know, after you turn around and do something like this.

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