ATWT Best Lines Tuesday 1/12/10

As The World Turns Best Lines Tuesday 1/12/10


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Sage: It doesn't make any sense.

Carly: Marriage and divorce and how you're supposed to feel about each other after you've been through all of that -- it's very complicated, even for adults.

Sage: But this is simple. You and Dad love each other, and that's why I made you guys come here -- so you could see for yourselves.

Carly: Of course, we love each other. We have a family together. But your father is married to Janet now.

Sage: So what? You were married a bunch of times, too.

Carly: And how do you know about that?

Sage: Everybody knows that you were married to Uncle Brad and Parker's dad and to a couple of other guys.

Carly: Well, I guess that just proves how hard it is to get it right, at least for me.

Sage: You were right with Dad.

Carly: Sage, you're just remembering the good times, and they were. They were really, really good. But it's in the past. Sometimes you just can't go back. You know, we have got to find parker. I'm gonna go to the front desk and ask if they've seen him and liberty.

Sage: Okay -- as soon as you admit that you love dad and you want him back.

Katie: I'll call you.

Simon: I won't hold my breath. And you know, for what it's worth, I, um -- I wasn't trying to pressure you or trick you or force the issue. I just wanted to kiss you. I always just want to kiss you. And you know what? That's not exactly all my fault. It's your fault, as well, 'cause you just get to me.

Katie: Kisses scare me. Yours do, at least.

Simon: So it seems.

Katie: No, because it's always the same. Every time, it's the same. You kiss me, and I fall in love with you, and then you leave me.

Simon: I'm not gonna do that this time. I'm not.

Katie: It's always the same.

Simon: Give me a chance. Come on.

Katie: What about your old life?

Simon: What about it?

Katie: Like that woman that you were talking to at Al's, Clarissa.

Simon: She has nothing to do with us.

Katie: Well, what if someone else from your past shows up and you want to be with them?

Simon: There's not gonna be anyone. There is no one. My -- I'm never happier than when I'm here with you. Why do you think I keep coming back?

Katie: But then you leave. You always leave. Why? I mean, if you're worried about hurting my feelings, don't worry. Just tell me.

Simon: It's my feelings. It's my feelings -- that I'm worried about. And the answer's kind of humiliating, you know?

Katie: Why? What is it?

Simon: I had this fantasy that when I come back, I can be a hero, you know -- a hero for you. I'm not a hero. I'm the opposite end of the spectrum from that. I hate myself for it. You know, I should just go and stay gone if that's what you want. Tell me what you want.

Katie: I want Brad not to be dead.

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