ATWT Best Lines Wednesday 12/9/09

As The World Turns Best Lines Wednesday 12/9/09


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Simon: But do you know how worried she is at the moment, how scared she is about making mistakes with the baby, of moving on with her life?

Brad: Tell him to shut up.

Simon: Okay, now, she has told me how much you love her, how you gave your life for her. But save her again, mate, please. If you truly love her, leave her alone.

Simon: Oh, this is ridiculous. Am I getting through to him? Is he still here?

Brad: Tell this guy that if he doesn't stay away from Katie, I will find a way to push him under a bus.

Simon: Yeah, I saw that. He said something to you. What did he say? What did he say?

Henry: Brad is a little resistant to the idea of leaving Katie.

Brad: Tell him that he's a criminal, thief and liar, and he's a bad influence on my son.

Henry: What? Come on! Jacob's only been alive for a couple of weeks. How can he be a bad influence on him?

Brad: Oh, you want her back. Admit it.

Henry: Look, we all want what's best for Katie, so let's just figure out what that is and make it work.

Simon: Fine with me. That's exactly what I want -- the best for Katie. Is that cool with the ghost of Christmas past?

Brad: Tell Dundee I said forget it.

Henry: Brad thinks that's a great idea. So let's all make Katie happy.

Brad: Okay, tell him I don't want him dragging Katie into anything illegal. I don't want him hitting on her. That is non-negotiable.

Henry: Okay. No illegal stuff, and no moves.

Simon: Again with the moves. All right. Here are my terms. Brad can stay and watch over Katie from a distance, but under no circumstance -- none -- is he to try to make contact with her. It's just gonna confuse and upset her further.

Henry: Oh, but if he does this, what's in it for him?

Simon: After one week, Brad's to make himself scarce, and Katie and I will see what's what.

Brad: What's what? No way, no way! Not in my house! No, no, that's not gonna happen, not with this guy!

Henry: Let's talk about this.

Brad: No, there's no more talking! Katie's my wife -- mine! He can go to hell, and so can you, Henry! No more deals.

Henry: Mm. Brad's gone.

Simon: Yeah, I knew that'd get rid of him. Man, that is just weird, negotiating with a ghost.

Henry: You know, you get used to it.

Simon: Mate, how long have you been --

Henry: What, seeing him? Right after he died.

Simon: What about Katie?

Henry: No. I tried to get her to see him, and -- and I tried to -- to help them talk to one another, but none of it works.

Simon: Why's that?

Henry: Because this wasn't meant to be. Katie should be living with the living, and Brad needs to cross over to the next life.

Simon: You need to help her see that.

Henry: I can't. She doesn't want to be around me. She still blames me for what happened. Simon, you can help her.

Simon: Well, mate, I think I am. I mean, do you see her around? She's gone out to check out the Christmas decorations.

Henry: Wait a second. Wait. She's going out to have some fun? Okay, okay, okay. You need to stay here until she's better, all right?

Simon: I ain't going anywhere.

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