ATWT Best Lines Tuesday 12/8/09

As The World Turns Best Lines Tuesday 12/8/09


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Casey: Okay, then. I guess it's back to the woods for you, and a nice hollow log where you can sleep until spring. Do you want to trade lives?

Alison: I don't think you're gonna get a "yes" out of him.

Casey: Yeah, probably not. Hey, thanks. Thanks, Ali. I'm -- I'm gonna find some woods, and then I'm gonna go.

Alison: Bye, bill. You take care.

Casey: Bye.

[Alison laughs]

Casey: Hey, do you want to -- do you want to come with me?

Alison: To the woods?

Casey: Yeah. It'll be like "Survivor -- Oakdale."

Alison: [Laughs] Do I have to eat bugs?

Casey: No, this is on me, Granddad. You know. Let me -- let me treat you for a change.

Bob: Hey, that's not necessary.

Casey: Well, if it makes you feel better, you're still paying for it anyway. You know, I am on the hospital payroll, even though I'm a lowly orderly.

Bob: There's dignity with every job. Especially one that puts you in close proximity to Alison Stewart.

Casey: [Sighs] And that ship has sailed.

Bob: Interesting thing about ships -- sometimes they come back to port.

Casey: Even after they sink? Are you seriously encouraging me to hook up with a Stewart woman?

Bob: Well, I wouldn't mention it to Kim, but, yeah, yeah. I really like Alison. She has a lot of courage the way she stood up to everybody before I had surgery.

Casey: Well, you're a lot more open-minded than my dad is. You know, but the thing is, I'm going out with Maddie now.

Bob: Maddie's a nice young woman, but I think -- I think you and Alison have something special.

Casey: Past tense.

Bob: I messed things up between you two. I'm sorry about that.

Casey: It is not your fault. Sometimes things just don't workout.

Bob: Men have been using that excuse ever since Adam and eve got kicked out the garden of Eden. But think about this. If he hadn't eaten the apple, where would we be?

Bob: Yeah, we managed to get it on in my day.

Casey: Get it on?

Bob: Granted, you know, with the -- all those buttons and corsets and high-button shoes, it was a challenge.

Casey: Oh, my god, you dog. I like it. That's what I'm talking about.

Bob: Well, I appreciate women. So does your father. And now you. I also recognize chemistry, and you and Alison have it in spades.

Casey: I know, but every time we get near each other, it just kind of blows up, like my 7th-grade lab experiments.

[Bob chuckles]

Casey: We just don't know how to have a normal conversation.

Bob: Ah, you got to pick your spots. What about running out of gas in Sunset Park?

Casey: Give me a break.

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