ATWT Best Lines Friday 11/20/09

As The World Turns Best Lines Friday 11/20/09


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Henry: The justice system is trying to get me killed and my best friend doesn't want me within a hundred miles of her! [Sighs] Okay. Fine. They want me to testify against a murderer, I will do so with impeccable hygiene.

Jack: I know what I'm doing, Carly.

Carly: Then why don't you tell me?

Jack: It's not your problem.

Carly: If you get yourself killed, I'm the one who will have to explain it to our kids, and right now, I don't even know what I would tell them if they asked me why.

Jack: Just looking for Simon.

Carly: For Katie, because of brad. Do you have any idea how crazy that is?

Jack: I don't need your opinion, Carly, okay? I don't need you here at all.

Carly: Well, you need someone, and you won't let your wife in, so it looks like you're stuck with me.

Brad: We have to go see Katie.

Henry: Brad, will you let go of me, please?

Brad: You feel that?

Henry: Yes, I feel that.

Brad: You feel that?

Henry: Yes, I feel that. Stop, stop.

Brad: Sorry.

Henry: What's different?

Brad: I don't know. It just happened, you know. But we have to get to Katie before it stops.

Henry: What do you mean, "we"? A restraining order, remember?

Brad: I don't care about that.

Henry: Of course you don't care about it, but some of us can't walk through walls, brad!

Salesperson: Hi. Can I help you?

Carly: Please, yes. We need a suit. Something tasteful, elegant, conservative, is a must.

Salesperson: Try right over here.

Carly: Oh, that's very nice.

Jack: It is very nice. 2,000 bucks? My last suit cost a tenth of that, seriously.

Salesperson: I don't doubt it. Suit Warehouse is right down the street.

[Jack laughs]

Carly: Do you want to find Simon or not?

Jack: We don't even know he's gonna be there for sure.

Carly: Do you have any better ideas? Jack, if you want rich people to accept you, you have to try to look like you're one of them.

Jack: Carly, I'm not rich. I'm unemployed. And I'm not gonna spend two grand on a suit.

Carly: Well, you don't have to pay for it.

Jack: What? Steal it?

Carly: Of course not!

Jack: I'm not gonna let you buy me a $2,000 suit!

Carly: I'm not gonna buy it either. Whoops. I guess I forgot to give this back to Craig.

Jack: Excuse me, my friend. You're right. This suit is nice, but do you have anything for, say, $4,000? Tell me again how we had to get dressed up for this? People are in jeans.

Carly: How do your $500 shoes feel?

Jack: I'm never taking them off. See our boy?

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