ATWT Best Lines Monday 11/16/09

As The World Turns Best Lines Monday 11/16/09


Provided By Eva

[Liberty reading her college application essay to Janet]

Liberty: It's entitled "Where I am."

Janet: Ooh, I like that!

Liberty: Mom, do not interrupt me.

Janet: Mm-hmm.

Liberty: "For most kids, senior year is about homecoming and parties and making plans for the rest of your life, but I made a mistake last summer. I got pregnant. I knew better, but at the moment, I didn't really care, and that was all it took. Suddenly, I had to make big choices, not just for myself, but for this other kid inside me, whether to have it, keep it, give it up for adoption, but before I made my final decision, I lost the baby, and then my dad was killed. We'd only known each other for a couple of years. I was raised by my mom, but I tracked him down on the internet, and we basically fell in love with each other. I was just getting used to having two parents, and then he was gone. We didn't have much time together, but I feel like part of what grounded me let me go. Sometimes it gets so bad that I feel like I'm gonna float away. Then I remember that I'm not one. I have my mom and my dad's family and some good friends. My dad wanted me to go to college. He would not want me to throw it away because of a tragic accident, and I know that throwing my dreams away isn't gonna bring him back. I need to start living my life. College is opportunity and promise. It's hope. It may not be where I am, but it's where I want to be."

Teri: Please, let me take you to the hospital before it gets too bad.

Dusty: There's no time. I need my epipen. [Gasping]

Teri: Oh, God! Please don't pass out! Oh, God! Okay, wait! Where's that pen thing? Let me get that thing for you!

Dusty: In the nightstand!

Teri: Okay. Oh, my God! Wait, is it -- is this it? It's this thing?

Dusty: Jab it in my thigh!

Teri: What? Aren't you gonna do it?

Dusty: No. You got me into this mess. You're gonna do it. Take the cap off.

Teri: Okay.

Dusty: Stab me in the thigh!

Teri: Oh, my God!

Dusty: Do it!

Teri: Is that it? Did it do it?

Dusty: [Wheezing] That was fun.

Teri: No, that wasn't fun.

Dusty: Well, what's a little life on the edge between friends?

Teri: Oh, my God. I'm so sorry. I -- you know what? Next time I'm just gonna cook you something without fennel, I promise.

Dusty: No. Thank you.

Teri: Okay. Are you sure you're okay?

Dusty: Oh, just exhausted. You know, near-death experiences do that to me.

Teri: Right. Well, I'm gonna go, so you can just take a nap, okay?

Dusty: Don't forget your poison casserole.

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