ATWT Best Lines Friday 11/13/09

As The World Turns Best Lines Friday 11/13/09


Provided By Eva

Carly: Mike. Come on, Mike. Open your eyes.

Anna: Come on, come on. Come on. Thank God!

Mike: What happened?

Malcolm: Who the hell are you?

Jack: I'm sorry. I took one look at this baby and I forgot all my manners. You're -- you're Mike's pit captain, Malcolm, right? I'm one of his closest friends, Jack Snyder. Okay, if you're trying to reach Mike, you probably won't be able to. Listen, he got sick at the last minute. Malcolm, I'm filling in for him. He didn't want to forfeit. Now, he's told me all the work he's done on her, and it shows, but is there anything else I should know?

Malcolm: Do you know anything about driving?

Jack: Enough to win this race or die trying.

Mike: Carly? Have I died and gone to Oakdale?

Carly: [Laughs] You're still in south Carolina. I'm just visiting.

Mike: What the hell are you doing, jack?

Jack: Going for a little ride. You got a problem with that?

Mike: You bet I do. Now get back here. Give me the jumpsuit and the badge. This is my race.

Jack: Sorry. I can't let you crash this, uh, extremely well-constructed vehicle. Nice job on that, by the way.

Mike: Jack, don't mess with me. The race is about to start.

Jack: I saw the way your hand was shaking, man. You're not up for this.

Mike: That's not your call.

Jack: I've already widowed one woman, Mike. My conscience is not gonna just sit by and let it happen to someone else. I've got to do this.

Mike: Jack, you have never driven something with this kind of power. You want to crash, take a few of the drivers with you?

Jack: I promise I will be careful. Now just remind me one more time, which one's the gas and which one's the brake?

Mike: That's not funny,

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