ATWT Best Lines Tuesday 10/20/09

As The World Turns Best Lines Tuesday 10/20/09


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Audrey: Sir, do I look like a killer to you?

Barbara: Oh, please.

Audrey: I am unarmed and harmless. Um, but by the way, I don't know if you know this, but -- [Whispering] Mrs. Ryan has a very colorful history of mental illness.

Barbara: What did you say?

Audrey: She's delusional. She's paranoid. I think it's all because she's a very lonely little woman. She's very sad that way. And I think these episodes are triggered when she realizes all her loneliness. Do you get my drift?

Barbara: Officer, you know me. I'm Barbara Ryan. And as I told your dispatcher, this woman tried to poison me, and she would have succeeded if her son hadn't found out and stopped her from doing so!

Audrey: Did you hear what she just said? My son -- she has had an inappropriate interest in my son. Do you see what I'm saying? She's starved for human relations, as they say. You know what I'm saying?

Barbara: Shut up, Audrey! Shut up! Let me go! Let me go, officer! Shut up! You stop it right now! I can't believe you're going on about like this!

Henry: Um, what you're doing is really not the best way to handle this, Mr. Manzo.

Ralph: What choice do you leave me, Henry? Your little friend here, as loyal as she is -- she made a big error in judgment when she came at me with a threat.

Henry: That's how this happened?

Ralph: What are you talking about? What, are we getting into a question of semantics now?

Henry: What do you want? Uh, what -- what can I do?

Ralph: What do I have to do, draw you a picture? I want the money, Henry. I want it now. You get it to me now or your friend dies.

Henry: Um, listen, I -- I would, uh, be happy to replace that item in your inventory with one of mine.

Ralph: You're no good to me light, Henry. You come heavy, then we can talk.

Henry: I'm -- I've been trying to fix the deficit there for, uh -- for weeks. Um, uh, good faith, perhaps?

Ralph: "Good faith"? What, have you gone stupid? I'm telling you to get me the money. Get me the money now or she is dead.

Henry: Listen, just wait. Hi. Uh, sorry.

Brad: What was that about?

Henry: I was -- a delivery -- it went to the wrong address.

Katie: Ow! I haven't given you any trouble. Is there any specific reason you're pushing me around? I think you heard Ralph. My sister is a cop. Do you have any idea how much trouble you're gonna be in if you get caught -- when you get caught? But listen to me. I have the power to make sure she goes easy on you, if you just let me go and turn yourselves in and testify against Ralph. Please.

Finn: You talk an awful lot, don't you?

Katie: I don't know why I'm here! God, this place smells so bad. Could it be any hotter in here?

Sal: Holy mother of God, she's pregnant.

Henry: Barbara, this money will save Katie's life.

Barbara: So you said.

Henry: Listen, uh, I know you didn't have to do this. And, uh, I lied to you, and I said things to get what I wanted from you. My mother tried to kill you.

Barbara: All true.

Henry: You could have walked away. The fact that you didn't -- well, I'll never forget it.

Barbara: Okay. You better go now before I change my mind.

Henry: Sleeping with you ruined my life. But the fact that you saved Katie's, I'll never forget. Good-bye.

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