ATWT Best Lines Friday 10/16/09

As The World Turns Best Lines Friday 10/16/09


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Vienna: Oh, my God. Oh, my God. I must be in the wrong room. I'm so -- I'm so sorry. No, wait. But this is my room. You're the one who's in the wrong room.

Barbara: You're right. You're right. I -- and I am sorry.

Vienna: Oh, my God. Oh, my God. You won't believe what I thought when I saw you laying on there. I was thinking, "oh, my God! Oh, no! Henry's cheating on me in my own bed!" But then I realized it was you and how ridiculous my thoughts were.

Barbara: Really? Why?

Vienna: Well, you know, you and Henry. Henry would never cheat on me with someone like you.

Barbara: What do you mean?

Vienna: Well, you know what I mean. You're -- you're old enough to be his mother.

Barbara: You're wrong.

Vienna: No, no, no. I mean you look -- you look much younger. You look amazing.

Barbara: Thank you very much. No. I mean you're wrong about Henry and me, because we are having an affair. An intense, passionate, meeting of the mind, body and soul kind of affair. In a word, fabulous.

Vienna: You're funny. Do you really expect me to believe that Henry would go out for a not-so-fresh hamburger when he has steak at home served with different spices every night?

Barbara: Did it ever occur to you that perhaps Henry desires a woman who has a little more depth and intelligence than a Swedish meatball?

Vienna: I know my Henry. He would never betray me with anyone. Especially not you.

Barbara: Really? Then why am I here like this? Do you think I got lost?

Vienna: I don't know what an old, desperate, lonely woman would do for some attention.

Barbara: You were supposed to be gone all day. I decided to surprise my little boy toy, and he is really good, isn't he? Especially when he does that trick.

Vienna: Oh, no, no! Please don't! Don't say it. I don't want that hideous image in my head.

Barbara: Because you know I'm not lying, don't you? You see, Henry and I are lovers. So why don't you, little girl, for the first time in your life, do something a little classy and disappear?


Vienna: You think I don't know why you're lying?

Barbara: I am not lying.

Vienna: You can't stand it that Henry's giving away James Stenbeck's dirty money to charity.

Barbara: Oh, please. I don't care about that.

Vienna: Of course. That's why you're saying all these ridiculous things and hoping to blackmail him into just giving you a part of the money.

Barbara: What is the Swedish word for denial?

Vienna: Oh, my God. It's so sad, and it won't work. I will never believe that Henry let you seduce him.

Barbara: You know, that thought never crossed my mind, because he came to me.

Vienna: Bull.

Barbara: And I even know why. He's after James' money.

Vienna: Oh, yes, because he wants to give it away.

Barbara: Vienna, Vienna, Vienna. Can we be adults here, all right? I don't expect Henry to leave you and move in with me, and I do understand why you want him all to yourself, 'cause that man is a genius.

Vienna: Oh, can you please stop saying all these ridiculous things?!

Barbara: Where did he ever learn the thing with the feathers?

Vienna: What? The feathers? The feathers? I hate you!

Barbara: Get off of me!


Henry: Wait. Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! What the hell's going on here?! Come here!

Vienna: She said that you were sleeping with her!


Barbara: I was having a really bad day.

Henry: Oh, but not half as bad as mine now, thanks to you!

Barbara: I didn't know Vienna was gonna be here!

Henry: She lives here!

Barbara: Your mother said she was gonna be at the hospital the entire day!

Henry: My mother?

Barbara: Yes. I thought the timing was perfect, that you could restore my equilibrium, bring back my joie de vivre.

Henry: What are you talking about?! I can't believe that you did this!

Barbara: I need you to rekindle my flame.

Henry: Your flame?!

Barbara: My flame.

Henry: Your flame has burned down my whole damn house!


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