ATWT Best Lines Tuesday 10/13/09

As The World Turns Best Lines Tuesday 10/13/09


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Luke: Oh, I'm sorry. I thought you guys would be up by now.

Lily: Don't apologize. I've been up for a while.

Luke: Yeah. I couldn't sleep either.

Luke: I was running around, screaming, "My dad's alive! My dad's alive!" Really drove Noah crazy. So, is he still sleeping?

Lily: I don't know.

Luke: Where is he? Is he not here? Is he at the farm?

Lily: The Lakeview, I think. At least that's where he said he was going last night.

Luke: Wait. He didn't spend the night here?

Lily: I wanted him to, Luke, but it was his choice. He said he couldn't.

Luke: Why not?

Lily: Because he's hurt and confused, and he's incredibly angry at me right now.

Luke: Because you married Damian.

Lily: My marriage to Damian isn't legal. I am married to your father.

Luke: Yeah, but still, it couldn't have been easy for him to see that.

[Lily sighs]

Lily: I know. He's under the assumption that I am torn between him and Damian.

Luke: Well, are you?

Lily: Luke, there's no simple answer to that question.

Luke: Yes, there is. Which one of them do you want to be with?

Emma: You want Holden and Lily back together so you're free to chase Damian.

Meg: You would think that.

Emma: You tell me I'm wrong.

Meg: You know Damian and I belong together just as much as lily and Holden do.

Emma: Why do you insist on chasing after a man who does not want you?

Meg: You don't know what Damian wants!

Emma: He wants lily! He's made that very clear! And this obsession that you have with him is just plain unhealthy!

Meg: I am not obsessed!

Emma: You let Damian and lily and Holden work things out for themselves, you hear me?

Meg: Right, right. We wouldn't want to upset Lily. God, when are you gonna stop feeling sorry for her?

Emma: I don't feel sorry for Lily. I am very upset with her right now.

Meg: All I'm trying to do is set things right.

Craig: I'll wait for you downstairs.

Rosanna: Okay. I'll find you.

Parker: Oh, wow. I should have known. You two are just a couple of liars.

Craig: Parker, this isn't what you think it is.

Parker: I'm not stupid, Craig. It's exactly what I think it is.

Rosanna: Parker, just take a minute and listen for a second before you decide what it is or it isn't. We're not gonna lie to you, I promise.

Parker: You promise? Really? 'Cause you promised that this wouldn't happen. What happened? You forgot?

Craig: No. We were looking for sketches.

Rosanna: It doesn't matter that we were looking for sketches. We shouldn't have been in here in the first place.

Parker: I was actually gonna ask you for help. How stupid am I?

Craig: You need my help? For what?

Parker: No, no. I don't care anymore, all right?

Craig: No, Parker, tell me. It's important.

Parker: Liberty missed her SATs. She woke up late and she had morning sickness. I figured with your connections, you might be able to help her.

Craig: Well, yeah, maybe I can. Why don't we sit down, and we'll talk about it?

Parker: Forget it.

Craig: Parker, if you need my help, I'll --

Parker: If you want to help, you can get out of my mom's house!

Craig: Parker, listen to me.

Parker: No, I am dead serious, Craig! Get out!

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