ATWT Best Lines Tuesday 10/6/09

As The World Turns Best Lines Tuesday 10/6/09


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Paul: I'm paying you like $500 an hour. You can't get me a copy of an adoption agreement? I -- I can get it from the -- from the kiosk at the copy shop. I want those papers by tonight. You know, when you pay somebody by the hour, it's like you're encouraging them to go slowly. Hi. Wait a minute. What are you -- you're not supposed to be here till tomorrow.

Janet: You know that our father and I aren't thrilled that you're giving the baby to Paul and Emily.

Liberty: Really? Because I haven't heard you say it like 100 times.

Janet: We're not the only ones. Ask anybody in town.

Liberty: Mom, they're -- so they're not the most popular people in Oakdale. Everyone has flaws.

Janet: "Flaws"? Sweetheart, Emily is vicious, and Paul has been locked up in a padded cell.

Liberty: Okay, that was a long time ago. It's different now. And they're really good to me, mom. And plus, I would much rather give the baby to them than those nerds that Uncle Ralphie brought around. And why are we even talking about this, Mom? It's settled. It's settled.

Janet: I think you should reconsider.

Liberty: I think I should go is what I think.

Janet: Wait. Hold on. Just listen to my idea, okay?

Liberty: Go.

Janet: Okay. But listen with an open mind.

Liberty: Okay. Good night.

Janet: No, please, wait. All right, okay, okay. How would you feel if Jack and I adopted the baby and raised it as our own? I know it's a little unusual.

Liberty: Are you sure that you don't need a padded cell? Because that is the craziest thing that I have ever heard.

Damian: I wanted to see you in person.

[Meg chuckles]

Meg: Why?

Damian: Because I thought you should hear it from me.

Meg: Hear what?

Damian: I asked Lily to marry me. Now, I know you might think its sudden.

Meg: Why, because her husband just died?

Damian: That's why she isn't sure she should say yes yet. She wants to talk to the children first.

Meg: Ah. Lily thinking about somebody else but herself. That's news.

: You don't understand how much this baby is gonna mean to you, how hard it's gonna be for you to give it away.

Liberty: I know, mom! That's why when I give it away, I want there to be distance.

Janet: The last thing you're gonna want is distance. So that's why if Jack and I adopt this baby, you will have options.

Liberty: I don't want options, mom. I think that you're an amazing mom, and I hope that one day, I can be half the mother that you are, but not now, okay? I just -- I want to have a baby and be a mom when I'm married and have someone who loves me and wants to start a family.

Janet: And you will have that. I promise you, you will have that. But right now, there's this baby, too.

Liberty: Everyone would know!

Janet: Honey, it's nobody's business!

Liberty: Yeah, well, you're not pregnant! You're not pregnant! Everybody would be like, "Oh, there's liberty's sister or brother, but it's her baby."

Janet: Nobody's gonna care after the first five minutes.

Liberty: Yeah, they will. I'll know that the kid in the room next door is my baby, and I can't live like that.

Janet: Please, sweetie. Let me take care of this baby.

Liberty: Oh, God, Mom! If you want your own baby, have one, but you're not getting mine!

Emily: Just what the hell do you think you're doing?

Janet: Serving a customer.

Emily: You know what I'm talking about.

Janet: I can't think of anything that would be any of your business.

Emily: I am talking about liberty.

Janet: Again, none of your business.

Emily: No, no, excuse me. It is my business. She's carrying my child.

Janet: On, don't say that.

Emily: Well, it's the truth, so you better start accepting it.

Janet: Nothing's final.

Emily: Excuse me. I am warning you, you stop pressuring her.

Janet: You gonna tell me how to raise my child now?

Emily: Yeah. Yes, that's right.

Janet: Oh! You think I don't know about you. Do you think any sane person who knows your history would want an innocent child within 50 miles of you?

Emily: I've got a child.

Janet: Right, but he doesn't live with you, right? Was that your choice, or was it a court order?

Emily: That has nothing to do with this.

Janet: Okay, then let's talk about your current husband, who's also your ex, who is also a two-time child abductor who you once tried to kill. Come on, Emily. Do you really think I would want my grandchild anywhere near you?

Emily: If you try taking this child away from us, I swear to god, you will regret it for the rest of your life.

Janet: Do you think you can scare me?

Emily: If you want a fight, lady, you got one.

Janet: Bring it on. Now get your butt out of here before I add your name to the list of tomorrow's specials.

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