ATWT Best Lines Friday 9/25/09

As The World Turns Best Lines Friday 9/25/09


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Audrey: Well, Mr. Montgomery. You know, my son is partner in this fine establishment. So, what's your excuse?

Craig: I was hoping to find someplace I could be alone.

Audrey: You do not look like you should be alone.

Craig: Looks can be deceiving.

Audrey: Oh, come on. Don't be like that. Here. Come here. Sit down. Talk to me. Tell me what's going on. Did you have -- please. A fight with that girlfriend of yours?

Craig: Girlfriend?

Audrey: Yes, that cute little blonde I saw you leave with the other day.

Craig: Oh. Rosanna. Rosanna is not my girlfriend.

Audrey: Oh, but you do have a woman in your life?

Craig: I do. I do, indeed.

Audrey: Huh. In that case, how come I never see the two of you together around anywhere?

Craig: Carly's out of town dealing with some personal matters.

Audrey: Carly, as in my son's partner here, Carly?

Craig: One in the same.

Audrey: Wow. Well, what do you know? Well, no wonder you're tense. You don't have anybody looking out for you right now, taking care of you.

Craig: I can look out for myself just fine, thank you.

Audrey: Wow. You are in a mood.

Craig: I think I'll just be going.

Audrey: No. No, no, no. I know exactly what you need at this point.

Craig: I'm not sure that's the answer.

Audrey: Oh, but it is, you see, because it is 5:00 somewhere. Come on. Don't be an old fuddy duddy. You're not gonna let a lady drink alone, are you? Come on. Ah, I knew chivalry wasn't dead.

Barbara: What are you doing here?

Henry: I think we should talk.

Craig: Okay, okay. I think we've had enough.

Audrey: Oh. Well, that's very sweet of you to be concerned about me.

Craig: You think I'm sweet?

Audrey: Yeah. You look surprised.

Craig: That's not exactly a popular opinion around here.

Audrey: Well, lucky for you, I don't really believe in popular opinion.

Craig: Yeah? Why is that?

Audrey: Because usually, the popular opinion is completely wrong, and I'm also very perceptive. I can see things in people that other people can't see.

Craig: Like how sweet I am.

Audrey: Yeah, how sweet you are and that you're still upset about your -- whatever you had, fight or something with that -- what's her name?

Craig: Rosanna.

Audrey: Rosanna.

Craig: Mm-hmm.

Audrey: What is the deal with that, anyway?

Craig: We used to be married.

Audrey: No!

Craig: Now you're with Carly?

Craig: Her sister.

Audrey: No! Her sister? Oh, Mr. Montgomery, you are grazing way too close in the same field. You need to branch out.

Craig: Don't I know it. You just have to understand that we have a very complicated history.

Audrey: Oh. Well, usually, you know, the history isn't the complicated part. It's the people. It's kind of weird.

Craig: Why?

Audrey: I don't picture you with that Rosanna person.

Craig: Why not?

Audrey: She seems wound so tight, you know, tense. She needs to loosen up a little bit.

Craig: Trust me, that is the least of her problems.

Audrey: So, you're not interested in, you know --

Craig: No, no, no, no, no, no. I am a one-woman man, now.

Audrey: Oh, thank you. What do you mean, "Now"? Not always?

Craig: Mrs. Coleman, it's cruel to tempt me. I'm in a very weakened state.

Audrey: I know.

Rosanna: Don't you mean drunken state? Well, I guess it's my turn to say "I told you so." You will never change.

Craig: Audrey and I had a couple of drinks and some pleasant conversation. It meant nothing, except that I still know how to have fun from time to time.

Rosanna: Oh. Fun?

Craig: F-u-n, fun. Do you even remember what that is? Sheesh. Rosanna, when was the last time it didn't hurt for you to crack a smile?

Rosanna: Okay. Now you're just being rude. I want you to go.

Craig: Now, that's classic Rosanna. You don't like what I'm saying, so you kick me out. No wonder you don't think I can tell the truth. You never keep me around long enough to say anything.

Rosanna: No. I've heard quite enough, Craig, okay? So, please go now.

Craig: Do you really think I haven't changed?

Rosanna: Hey, let go of me.

Craig: Maybe you're just someone who won't give anyone a second chance.

Rosanna: You are just crazy! I think you're insane! You've lost your mind.

Craig: Tell me that you don't make snap judgments on people and then hang on to them even when you know you're wrong.

Rosanna: Craig, I've had plenty of time to make up my mind about you.

Craig: Why can't you just put what happened behind us so we can move forward?

Rosanna: Both of us know that that isn't possible, okay, so you just should accept it, the sooner --

(Craig gives Rosanna a kiss)

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