ATWT Best Lines Friday 9/18/09

As The World Turns Best Lines Friday 9/18/09


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Rosanna: I'm impressed.

Craig: Really?

Rosanna: Yes. I think you and Teri have done a great job.

[Laughs] If the food is half as good as it looks on the menu, you're gonna have 'em lined up around the block.

Craig: Really?

Rosanna: Yes.& We all know Teri's a great chef, so I think you got a winner here, Craig.

Craig: Really?

Rosanna: Yes, really. What's wrong with you?

Craig: I'm not used to so many words coming out of your mouth aimed at me that didn't include an insult.

Rosanna: Well, I can be positive when there's a reason to be.

Audrey: How many of those have you had?

Henry: Not enough.

Audrey: Son, we solved your problem with Vienna, remember?

Henry: Getting a gangster to launder money through metro is not my idea of a solution.

Audrey: It's going to be fine!

Henry: Why, mother, why? Because Ralph is such a sweetheart?

Audrey: Because you can count on him.

Henry: Yeah, I can count on him to break my knees.

Audrey: He's not a violent man.

Ralph: Oh, there she is, that lovely Audrey. Good to see you.

Audrey: Hello, you. Muah, muah. Ralph, I would like to present to you my son, Henry.

Ralph: How you doing, partner?

Henry: Uh, I'm fine, but we're not partners.

Audrey: Henry.

Henry: No, no, no. It's nothing personal. It's just, I don't think this business works for me.

Ralph: But your mother and I, we made a deal.

Henry: Right, but I didn't agree to that.

Ralph: Are you calling your mother a liar?

Henry: No, of course not. She just has a problem with boundaries.

Ralph: There are no boundaries between a mother and son. And a deal is a deal.

Henry: I understand how you feel, I do.

Ralph: I certainly hope so.

Henry: You can let go now.

Ralph: You are gonna learn to respect your lovely mother and our deal, aren't you?

Henry: Yes, yes, absolutely, yes.

Ralph: Okay, good. Let's go see our club.


Henry: Hey, hey, hey, come here! Come here! If anyone's knees get broken in this, it damn well better be yours!

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