ATWT Best Lines Thursday 9/17/09

As The World Turns Best Lines Thursday 9/17/09


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Lily: Can we please do this another time?

Meg: No. We've waited too long as it is.

Lily: If you came here for an apology --

Meg: You know, that's just so typical. You do what you want, the hell with who gets hurt, and then you say "I'm sorry," and you expect instant forgiveness.

Lily: I know what happened with Damian was --

Meg: You know what? It's not entirely your fault. I understand that, lily, 'cause people always let you get away with it, didn't they? I mean, Holden did, didn't he?

Lily: Don't bring Holden into this.

Meg: Why not? Holden used to live here. You sleep with Damian in Holden's bed.

Lily: Stop it! Damian and I, it just happened!

Meg: Yeah. I don't buy that. I think it started before Holden died.

Lily: No.

Meg: I saw it with my own eyes. I just didn't want to believe it.

Lily: Nothing happened with Damian while Holden was alive.

Meg: But you wanted it to. You couldn't stand the fact that Damian was falling in love with me. That's why you interfered. That's why you went to my mother and warned her that I shouldn't get involved with Damian! That's why you pulled out all the stops to keep us from going away together!

Lily: I just thought the two of you were moving too quickly and that you needed time --

Meg: No, you needed time, lily, to get Damian back! I mean, the minute Holden was gone, oh, well, that was the perfect opportunity for you to take Damian away from me, and then, suddenly, it was, "Holden who?"

Lily: How dare you say that!

Meg: You know what the worst part is? What you've done to Damian. Everybody's gonna blame him. Everybody's gonna say, "oh, poor lily. She was so vulnerable. Damian took advantage of her," but this whole time, you're the one that took advantage of him because you are who you've always been, a spoiled little princess who wants what she wants, when she wants it, and always gets it, no matter what. Well, you know what? It's over now.

Lily: What's that supposed to mean?

Meg: You know what? I actually felt sorry for you. Do you know that? I thought, "poor, devastated lily." I made it easy for you. I didn't like how much time Damian was spending with you, but I forced myself to understand. I could have fought harder, but I didn't, and I'm not gonna make that mistake again.

Lily: I never wanted any of this.

Meg: You know, I can't tell if you're lying to me or to yourself, but it just doesn't matter anymore, does it? You know, because my brother loved you so much, I'm gonna give you fair warning. Getting by on "I'm sorry" and "poor me" just doesn't cut it anymore, lily. You need to change, and fast, or you're gonna lose everything, and not just Damian -- your whole family.

Paul: I'm sorry if my reflex to go after meg upset you. We both have a lot of baggage.

Emily: Oh, please. We could bring down a 747.

Paul: So, let's just get rid of it.

Emily: How, Paul? What are we gonna do, throw it on the side of the road?

Paul: I don't see why not.

Emily: How are we gonna do that?

Paul: Look, we don't need to act the way people expect us to act, right? Regular people are never gonna like us, let alone think we're good enough.

Meg: Well, Damian and I could have had something real if you hadn't gone after him!

Lily: Oh, come on. If Damian really wanted you, I could have never taken him away.

Meg: He felt sorry for you, Lily. You played damsel in distress.

Lily: Oh, I'm sorry. Did I take the role you wanted to play?

Meg: I don't care what role you play. Just be prepared, 'cause actions have consequences, even yours.

Lily: I'll bear that in mind, but for now -- get the hell out of my house.

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