ATWT Best Lines Tuesday 9/15/09

As The World Turns Best Lines Tuesday 9/15/09


Provided By Eva

Vienna: I brought coffee, croissants and whipped cream.

Henry: Oh! What an interesting combination.

Vienna: Well, the whipped cream is for after breakfast, when we go back to bed.

Henry: Oh, baby, baby, baby, I would love, love -- mmm -- to whip it you up with you right now, but I've got to go.

Susan: Are you nuts?

Emily: No, I was thinking something a little more traditional. You know, like, I don't know, "Congratulations, best wishes"?

Susan: How about I wish you were marrying somebody you hadn't shot in the back?

Emily: Okay. Oh, no, here we go. Go ahead, let her rip.

Susan: Somebody who hadn't broken your heart a million times, somebody with a little honor and integrity -- somebody who wasn't in love with somebody else.

Emily: No, no, no. Paul loves me. He loves me.

Susan: Honey, that guy is flakier than a croissant. M two months ago, he was obsessed with meg. He kidnapped her baby. And then, the last thing I hear uh -- uh, he claimed to have no memory.

Emily: No, he didn't claim anything. They took something out of his brain, okay? And it left him with amnesia.

Susan: So, what did you do? Catch it? Have you forgotten all the terrible things he did to you?

Emily: No, I haven't. He's a different person now.

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