ATWT Best Lines Thursday 9/10/09

As The World Turns Best Lines Thursday 9/10/09


Provided By Eva

Henry: What? They're reading the will today?

Audrey: Yes. Why wait?

Vienna: Oh, by all means. Let's get it over with, in case he wakes up again.

Audrey: No. That's not going to happen. Not this time.

Vienna: No. You would know.

Riley: Alison, I didn't do it to hurt anybody.

Alison: It was still dishonest.

Riley: I know. Okay, I know, and I hated it, but every time I tried to talk to my mom about taking the rap & for what I did, she begged me not to.

Alison: Is that your excuse?

Riley: No. Okay, no. But it's the reason I kept lying. I couldn't break her heart again.

Alison: So, it's just by coincidence that by staying riley Morgan you also saved your own hide? I mean, that's the truth of it, isn't it? Because if this were just about making your mother happy, you could have come back as yourself, faced the consequences of what you did to Maddie and Gwen. You know your mom and dad would have gotten you a killer defense attorney, and who knows? You might not even had to do time. But, personally, I think you deserve the max.

Riley: Well, you can't serve on my jury, then.

Alison: What jury? Adam Munson's a fugitive. You have reinvented yourself as riley Morgan, war hero.

Riley: Yeah, and I wish I hadn't. Okay, I just want to be Adam again.

Alison: You still can. It's not too late.

Audrey: I'm -- I'm the widow Stenbeck. Well, technically, I'm not, but in our hearts, we really were.

Henry: Ignore her.

Audrey: And this is James' son, the one he actually liked. What are you doing?

Henry: What do you think I'm doing? It's not like he hasn't risen from the dead before.

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