ATWT Best Lines Tuesday 9/8/09

As The World Turns Best Lines Tuesday 9/8/09


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Audrey: Would you just hold on? I've almost -- mm -- got it.

Barbara: What an interesting way to mourn the dead.

Audrey: We're good, right? I'll be in touch.

Hansen: [Groans] For your information, Barbara, um, James and I had an open relationship, so there was no betrayal.

Barbara: How progressive. But still, I think it's a little tacky that you used his attorney& as your playmate of the day. Oh, yes, I recognized your little friend.

Audrey: Well, he happens to just one of those faces, doesn't he?

Barbara: I knew you were desperate to get your hands on James' money, but I had no idea you were this low.

Audrey: I did absolutely nothing wrong.

Barbara: I think your little friend who just hobbled out of here might think otherwise.

Audrey: No, he's not gonna say anything, because there's nothing to say. And by the way, who are you to hi sit in judgment on me?

Barbara: I beg your pardon.

Audrey: Well, I was with James in his final moments. Where were you?

Barbara: I don't think James has had a final moment. And if he is dead, thank God he's at least changed his will. Accept he didn't change his will, did he? That's why you had his lawyer bound and gagged over here. You were trying to stop James from disinheriting your son.

Henry: Okay, ok. Let's -- let's look at this objectively, all right? Um, technically, uh, no one is dead. No one is dead yet. Uh, James is -- is just in cardiac arrest, which means he could pull through. And then he could tell us what happened in the room, right?

Vienna: Well, right. But do you really think that's possible?

Henry: The man is violently opposed to dying.

Doctor: I'm sorry, but your father's gone.

Henry: "Gone" as in escaped or "gone" as in dead?

Doctor: As in dead.

Henry: Are you absolutely sure.

Vienna: I'm sorry. Please forgive him. He -- he's in shock. Do you know the cause of Mr. Stenbeck's death?

Doctor: It appears that he suffered a fatal heart attack. Very sorry.

Janet: And you don't think that I did? I had things that mattered to me, too. But I gave them up to have her and raise her and love her.

Teri: So what, do you think that she owes it to you to have this baby and turn out like --

Janet: Like -- me? I had no idea you thought I was such a loser.

Teri: That's not what I said.

Janet: Let me tell you something. I do not regret having liberty for one second. Even in my darkest hours, being a parent is everything. And you couldn't possibly fathom that. You, my dear, took away my ability to protect my child.

Vienna: You didn't kill your father, and I'm not going to let Audrey stick this one on you.

Henry: That's an interesting choice of words.

Janet: You don't get it.

Teri: I don't get what?

Janet: You've always just been responsible for yourself. Liberty and I are a family. We don't just operate on our own. We're connected.

Teri: We're family, too, aren't we? Janet, please tell me we're gonna make it through this.

Janet: Because I feel I've lost my sister before I even got a chance to know her.

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