ATWT Best Lines Tuesday 9/1/09

As The World Turns Best Lines Tuesday 9/1/09


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Craig: Teri and I came to Chicago to scout restaurants.

Teri: Yeah. Craig -- Craig got us into some of the best kitchens in the city. I -- I spoke to all of these chefs, these guys that I'd studied their dishes since school. And now they gave me pointers on how to set up metro's new kitchen, and they sent me home with all this great food to try.

Rosanna: Which you decided to sample in the hotel room you're clearly sharing?

[ Craig laughs ]

Craig: Wrong again. My room isn't even on this floor. Oh, look. What have we here? Evidence. If it makes you happy, we could play match the menu with the restaurant containers.

Rosanna: You're such a liar.

Craig: Oh, I knew I'd be wasting my breath! As usual, you jump to the worst possible conclusion! Your jealous and vengeful little mind has -- has created a scandal out of something completely innocuous involving bastard children and sexual harassment.

Rosanna: Well, not necessarily in that order.

Craig: What is it, Rosanna? Has the world been so hard for you that you find it impossible to believe anyone else can tell the truth?

Rosanna: What are you saying? You're saying that, uh -- the Gideon bible and abortion brochures are now kept side by side in a hotel room? I don't buy it.

Barbara: You can't marry the woman who shot you in the back!

Paul: I deserved that.

Barbara: You almost died.

Paul: Yeah, but I didn't. I'd like to think that that was for some kind of a reason.

Barbara: Okay, fine. Donate to charity. Adopt a stray dog. Don't marry one.

Rosanna: Her reputation? I have done nothing but give that girl a job and a place to stay! You -- you took her to a hotel and got her pregnant. If anybody's ruined her reputation, it's you, not me.

Craig: Oh, my gosh. Why didn't I see this before? You're obsessed with the idea of everyone else having hot, steamy sex because you're not getting any. (Rosanna slaps Craig in the face)

Craig: Phew! [Chuckles] What's the matter? A little too close to home?

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