ATWT Best Lines Tuesday 8/11/09

As The World Turns Best Lines Tuesday 8/11/09


Provided By Wanda

Audrey: Of course it's not. He faked his own death. Do you know what somebody could do if they got ahold of this?

Henry: But, Mom, you're being scammed! Come on, come on! Con artist, un-con thyself!

Audrey: I am not being scammed. James Stenbeck is alive, and he is your father!

Henry: How would you even know him?

Audrey: I knew him a lot. I mean I knew him on a lot of occasions, and on one of those particular occasions, I got pregnant with you.

Henry: Oh, my God, mom. Don't put that image in my head. Please don't. It's already scary enough in there. Oh, my God.

Henry: I told you, letting my mom back into my life would be like playing catch with an unexploded hand grenade.

Katie: I think I would have remembered that.

Henry: She is a horror show, Katie. She is a lying, stealing, more than a little crazy, unrelenting, terrible, movie-screen-sized spook-a-lot!

Henry: And Stanhope is a hotel in New York City. There's probably a dozen Stanhopes running around, concealing their identities.

Katie: Yeah. You're probably right.

Henry: There is no possible way that James Stenbeck can be my father. The man is -- was pure evil. I mean -- I mean, I can be a little selfish, and I gamble, and I can be a little shady, and I like to wear women's clothes every now and then, but that doesn't make me a murderer. Not yet, anyway.

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