ATWT Best Lines Monday 8/3/09

As The World Turns Best Lines Monday 8/3/09


Provided By Wanda

Henry: Obituary. They're all obituaries. Most mothers keep mints or cough lozenges in their bag, but not my mom. No, sirree. Hello. Hello, hello, hello. Huh. "Carl Ramsey has become completely infatuated with me. He says he lives to touch me and swears he'll give me anything I want." Carl Ramsey? Carl Ramsey. I guess you didn't get to touch her after all, did you, buddy? "Frank Ward." Frank Ward. Frank Ward. Ben Johnson. Johnson. Why -- why are all the men in my mother's journal dead? Oh, my God. She's killed them!

Henry: Would you look and just open your eyes, okay? It runs in our family. Remember my sister? Of course, I'm sure you would prefer to that forget she even exists.

Audrey: Wait a minute. You just stop right there. Now you have gone far enough. I was completely devastated by Eve's breakdown.

Henry: Were you? You know, I guess I must've just missed you on visiting days at the sanitarium. When were you there? Was it Tuesday or Thursday? What?

Audrey: She was my baby. I sang her lullabies, and I rocked her to sleep. How in the world can you blame me for what happened to her?

Henry: I don't know. I guess it's when she became Oakdale's serial killer. She must have gotten it from somewhere, mom.

Audrey: That is a truly cruel and offensive accusation.

Henry: Is it any less cruel than killing one boyfriend at a time?

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