ATWT Best Lines Tuesday 7/28/09

As The World Turns Best Lines Tuesday 7/28/09


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Craig: Well, if you really want to know why your sister started drinking, look no further than the man who just walked out that door.

Rosanna: Why don't I just take a look at the man standing in front of me? Carly was with jack for years and she had no problem. She was with you for, what? A couple of months, and your little vodka business, and suddenly she's a full-fledged alcoholic.

Craig: Hey, I may have helped with the how, but jack Snyder gets full credit as to the why. Divorcing Carly and marrying Janet put more drinks in her hands than I ever could.

Rosanna: Well, you -- you could be right. I said "could be."

Craig: Well, thank you for the acknowledgement, halfhearted as it was.

Rosanna: Don't push it, Craig.

Craig: Well, you have to admit, jack is pretty relentless.

Rosanna: You want to talk about relentless? Why don't you look up the word in the dictionary? You'll see a picture of you.

Craig: Oh, yes, but it's a good picture.

Henry: Maybe you didn't hear me the first two times. This is my mother we're talking about.

Katie: Well, you never really talk about her. I've never met her.

Henry: That is because god has been very kind to you.

Katie: Henry, please. I don't see the problem. Your mother is a doll.

Henry: Yeah, she's a doll, like chucky is a doll.

Henry: Maybe I overreacted, all right? But when I opened the door, I expected to see my beautiful Vienna, and instead I saw her.

Audrey: And who is Vienna?

Henry: It's a city in Austria, mom. I will point it out on a map to you sometime.

Katie: Henry, stop it. Vienna is the love of Henry's life.

[Craig talking to Janet]

Craig: Obviously, you haven't noticed. That's exactly what I'm doing. When I heard sage was all right, I deliberately absented myself from the welcoming party. It's my own small attempt at keeping the peace. [Sighs] You're my witness, Janet. Even when I try to give jack what he wants, it still doesn't work. It's all right. I'm leaving on my own accord. No sense in entertaining the clientele with a scene. Good night, Mrs. Snyder. Try to keep your husband from giving himself a coronary. It's hard enough on his kids without their mother around.

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