ATWT Best Lines Thursday 7/23/09

As The World Turns Best Lines Thursday 7/23/09


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Tastes as good as it smells.

Sage: What is it?

Rosanna: It's whole wheat pasta with swiss chard. It's a special vegan recipe.

Sage: Vegan? What's that?

Parker: It means all the food tastes like green sandpaper.

Rosanna: No. It means that it's a healthy, vitamin-rich, environmentally sensitive, humane way to eat.

Parker: And it tastes like green sandpaper.

Rosanna: Sage, help me here. What do you think?

Sage: Green Sandpaper.

Rosanna: Well, don't worry, there's a restaurant near where we're going. But I have soy nuts and tofu crackers in my bag. So you can kind of munch on them in the car, okay?

Parker: Oh.

Rosanna: I'm joking.

Parker: Yeah, we got that.

Rosanna: Yeah, if we're going to hang out, you're gotta have to work on learning my sense of humor here.

Parker: Oh, we will, as soon as we see it.

Rosanna: Oh, okay. All right, I deserved that. But next time -- I'm gonna getcha. Come on guys.

Lucinda: You must know, you know that there are many, many young people who would cut off their left arms to get the chance to have a college education?

Luke: Yeah, well you can tell one of them to put the away the ax 'cause a spot just opened up at O.U.

Holden: You know what? That's not funny.

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