ATWT Best Lines Tuesday 7/21/09

As The World Turns Best Lines Tuesday 7/21/09


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Barbara: Yes, you live here. And it even has a name. It's called Fairwinds. Ring a bell at all?

Paul: Sounds like a country club. Am I a golfer?

Barbara: Not so much.

Paul: I own this? I'm totally loaded?

Barbara: You are rather well off.

Paul: Great. Mom -- maybe you could tell me something about my father.

Barbara: Have a seat. Your father -- um, your father's name is james stenbeck.

Paul: Stenbeck.

Barbara: And he died last year.

Paul: Um, I don't have his last name -- am I a bastard?

Barbara: No, that would be your father. Though not in the technical sense.

Paul: Not a nice guy?

Barbara: Not a nice man. In fact, I would say he -- he was a monster. And you should be glad he's dead.

Paul: You wanted a divorce, right? And you wanted me out of your life.

Meg: Yes.

Paul: Well, now that can happen.

Meg: No, I'm not going to give up on you. What about our daughter? Don't you want to get to know her? Don't you want to be in her life while she's growing up?

Paul: Not really. I mean, she's very beautiful. But I can't make myself feel things that I don't naturally feel.

Meg: You don't mean that.

Paul: I do. I do. I feel no connection to her. And you can wait around, you know, if you'd like, for something like that to happen, but I don't think it's going to happen. And if I am as bad as everybody says I am, aren't the two of you better off without me?

Meg: Eliza needs her father.

Paul: I don't remember her, and at this age, she's never going to remember me. Now you can go be with somebody who will be better for her.

Meg: How can you give up? I'm not giving up. I want our daughter to have her father in her life. So if you just give this some time --

Paul: Time won't turn me into who you want me to be. Look, if you need money, I can pay you child support. My mommy said that I've got tons of money and I'm willing to share --

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