ATWT Best Lines Tuesday 7/14/09

As The World Turns Best Lines Tuesday 7/14/09


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Riley: It's about Alison. You were wrong about her and Hunter. They're not dating.

Casey: What? Is she already over him?

Riley: No. She's his sister.

[Casey laughs]

Riley: I'm serious.

Casey: Who told you this?

Riley: She did. They did. They were over at the Lakeview together. They just got done with some sort of family lunch.

Casey: Wait. They're brother and sister. How -- how -- what?

Riley: You know Alison was conceived through in vitro, right? I guess your dad stole one of Emily's fertilized eggs and implanted it in hunter's mom.

Casey: Ew! What?

Riley: Okay, when you talk to her, you may not want to lead with that.

Rosanna: Carly, come on. For once, Craig is doing the right thing. You need help.

Carly: Yes, maybe I do need help. But not the kind that you're talking about. You want to send me away.

Rosanna: I just want you to be with people who can give you the professional help that you need, because you're destroying yourself. Day by day, drink by drink, we're losing you.

Carly: So, it's your turn at bat now? Is that how this works?

Jack: You think I came to pass judgment on you, Carly. But I didn't.

Carly: Why? That's what you do best.

Jack: Well, I came down hard on you, Carly, because I care about you.

Carly: I already know I'll never live up to your lofty standards, jack. So save the speech. Compass is broken. I'm not your problem to solve anymore.

Jack: We'll always be connected.

[Carly laughs]

Carly: What does that mean, exactly?

Jack: It means that when you're hurting like this, it affects me, too. You -- come on, lady. You are so much better than this. Look at you. Look what you've become. You're fallen apart.

Carly: How would you know how I feel? You don't talk to me anymore. You don't ask me how I am. You don't lower yourself to acknowledge me at all, unless it's to accuse me of something.

Jack: Fine, you want to talk? Let's talk. You and me, a real conversation, okay?

Carly: Great. What should we talk about? How weak I am? What a lush I've become?

Jack: Okay, do you remember when we used to stand in parker's doorway and watch him sleep, his little night-light on in the corner?

Carly: Why are you bringing that up?

Jack: Because you always said you wanted things to be different for him. Not -- not the way you grew up.

Carly: Just stop. Stop.

Jack: No, you always had to be so strong. Do you remember? You were just a little girl, stuck in that house with ray.

[Voice breaking]

Carly: I'm not like my father. I'm not. I mean, he drank. He drank

so much I was afraid to come home from school. He -- he'd be passed

out on the couch or in the hallway, and I'd have to put him to bed.

Jack: Yeah, I know. And you -- and you were barely big enough to move him, but you did it. You did it, because you had to. You had to take care of him, and you did it all by yourself.

Carly: I used to wish I was anywhere but in that house and he was anybody but my father. I -- [Carly chuckles] This is not the same.

Jack: Carly --

Carly: No, it is not the same! I have never asked Parker to -- that's not me. I am not like that. Parker, do you wish that I was somebody else?

Parker: I just want you to get better, Mom.

Jack: You can still keep that promise to him, Carly. And to Sage and to J.J.

Carly: I have. Damn you. I am a good mother.

Jack: Oh, come on. It's time to be honest, sweetheart. You checked out on them. It's time for you to come home, Carly. They need their mother. They need her to stop drinking.

Carly: All right, I admit I have a problem. It's gotten out of control. But the one thing that I c -- you don't have to send me away.

Rosanna: I know that you're scared. I know that. I mean, I'm scared, too.

Carly: You have no idea what I've been through.

Rosanna: I know you, and I know that you're not proud of all this and of what you've been doing, and that's why you've been drinking in secret and hiding the bottles all over the house and in your purse.

Carly: Okay, all right. I get it. What do you want me to do?

Rosanna: I want my sister back. I want the girl who loves herself and who loves her family back, the one that's a fighter, the one who's strong enough to ask for help when she needs it.

Carly: I'm right here.

Rosanna: No, you're not. In looking at you, honey, if you don't let us help you, we're all gonna lose you.

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