ATWT Best Lines Thursday 6/18/09

As The World Turns Best Lines Thursday 6/18/09


Provided By Wanda

Henry (as Ms. Swift): Yes, yes. Our moral decency is at stake.

Kim: No holds barred.

Henry: Ms. Hughes, the only bar you need to worry about is the black bar that will be running across the screen when Ms. Hyatt is on.

Kim: As many of you know, our station generated quite a buzz recently when Vienna experienced an on-air wardrobe malfunction. So joining us today is a concerned viewer of "Oakdale Now," Ms. Geneva Swift. Ms. Swift, would you be good enough to explain to our viewers your concerns?

Henry: With pleasure. I know many of you out there are watching at home with your young children, and I know that you all agree with me that what aired the other day was simply inappropriate and unacceptable!

Kim: Ms. Swift, may I ask you, do you have children?

Henry: No, I have not been blessed as such.

Vienna: Oh, that's a surprise.

Henry: But I know that if I did have children and they had been at my knee watching as Ms. Hyatt's mammary bounced up and down on the screen, their poor little eyes would have been scarred for life!

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