ATWT Best Lines Tuesday 6/2/09

As The World Turns Best Lines Tuesday 6/2/09


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Margo: You know, I always had this fantasy that Adam would come back to us one day, and he'd be part of our family again, and he'd really do something productive with his life.

Tom: Well, maybe that's what he was doing.

Margo: We'll never know now.

Tom: No. We'll never know.

Hunter: Alison invited me to a barbecue at Casey's.

Jade: Again?

Hunter: I told her no fix ups this time.

Jade: On behalf of the women of Oakdale, I thank you.

Hunter: Hey, she wanted to thank me, too.

Jade: For what?

Hunter: I don't know. She said that I helped her and Casey get closer.

Jade: Oh. You're the one that got them over the hump.

Hunter: What hump?

Jade: What was the question?

Hunter: Oh. Um, should I bring anything?

Jade: Yeah. How about condoms?

Hunter: That hump.

Jade: Yeah. You catch on fast.

Casey: You thinking what I'm thinking?

Alison: Not normally.

Casey: That we skip lunch and go straight for dessert in my room, 'cause nobody's here.

Margo: How could they not get that right? And -- and what the hell was Adam doing in Afghanistan?

Tom: Sounds like he was trying to do something worthwhile.

Margo: How is that possible? He's never done anything worthwhile in his life. How could he die for it?

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