ATWT Best Lines Monday 6/1/09

As The World Turns Best Lines Monday 6/1/09


Provided By Wanda

Paul: You really had me going. You did. I almost bought it.

Rosanna: Bought what?

Paul: This -- this transformation of yours -- totally bogus. The last thing you're ever gonna do is help me.

Rosanna: Okay, I see. I disagree with what you're doing, and now, suddenly, I'm the enemy.

Paul: No, suddenly, you're a fraud.

Rosanna: Excuse me?!

Paul: All this talk about this -- this finding your new self out here. You're exactly the way you've always been. You haven't changed at all. And you know how I know?

Rosanna: Please, I'm dying to hear this.

Paul: Because you're still furious at me. You haven't let anything go.

Rosanna: Paul, I let all of my feelings go for you a long time ago.

Paul: Then why are you still trying to punish me?

Rosanna: Punish you? I'm trying to help you!

Paul: Help me? By threatening to take my little girl away from me?

Rosanna: This just proves my point. You can't see anything except from your own narrow perspective.

Paul: And you think you're better than everybody else.

Rosanna: That is not true! I-I do think, however, that I can muster up a little compassion for other people.

Paul: What other people? People -- people like Meg?

Rosanna: You know, why don't you just stop embarrassing yourself, you know?

Paul: The only reason you would ever bring Eliza back to Meg is to try and get even with me.

Rosanna: Get even with you? For what?

Paul: Do I have to spell it out? I have a child, and you never will!

Rosanna: I had a child! No, don't. Just don't! Do not talk! Shut up! How can you be so cruel to throw that in my face?!

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