ATWT Best Lines Friday 5/29/09

As The World Turns Best Lines Friday 5/29/09


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Parker: Me? It's your stupid vodka company that started this. She never drank like this before.

Craig: And I'm trying to do something about that.

Parker: Yeah, by blaming me. Trying to make me feel guilty. But I'm not falling for it.

Craig: Well, maybe you should feel guilty, Parker. It's not like you've made this any easier on her.

Parker: Oh, like you're one to talk.

Craig: You run away, you get married, you get divorced, you buy a car, and then you drop out of school. Do you really think your actions don't have an affect on her?

Parker: What about her? It's not like she's never messed up before. I mean, she ran out on us.

Craig: When are you gonna stop punishing her for being human and failing? She's gone out of her way to make up for that. If you really cared about her, you'd take some responsibility yourself.

Paul: You know, I can see why you like it out here. It's great. I don't even mind doing the work.

Rosanna: That's 'cause you've only been at it for a few hours. Wait till you put in a full day and you've got nothing to show for it but calloused fingers and a sore back.

Bonnie: My car won't start. I need a ride into town.

Dusty: What happened to "go to hell"?

Bonnie: You could still make it. Just drop me off first. What are you waiting for? Drive.

Dusty: Have fun.

Bonnie: No, wait. You can't just leave me here.

Dusty: Sorry. I'm under strict orders. I got to get down to hell.

Bonnie: Oh, no, you don'T. Look around. This is hell. So you're gonna stay right where you are.

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