ATWT Best Lines Friday 5/22/09

As The World Turns Best Lines Friday 5/22/09


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Henry: Do you need, like, a pillow or anything? Do you hurt anymore?

Vienna: Just my heart.

Parker: Yeah. I just wish my mom thought that way, too. But, no. No. Nothing's gonna stand in her way of having a good time, not even her kids.

Janet: Sweetie, she's just going through some problems right now.

Parker: No. Her only problem is that she's a drunk with lousy taste in men.

Janet: Hey! It's not always about you, Parker. Your mother isn't just your mother. She's a human being. Can't you try and have a little compassion for her?

Parker: Well, how about you stop trying to act like my mother in her place.

Janet: Oh, you better be damn glad I am not your mother.

Parker: Why?

Janet: Because if I were your mother, there is no way I would put up with that crappy attitude!

Jack: What else are you keeping from me, Janet? Because you knew I was there. You knew I was waiting to hear what was going on with Carly.

Janet: I know how crazed you get when she messes up. I didn't think it was a big deal.

Jack: It is a big deal. You know exactly how I feel about Craig Montgomery, and you took his side over me. I guess I know where your loyalties lie. Where are you going? Where are you going?

Janet: I just got on your kid about that mouth of his. It is disrespectful the way he talks to people! Now I know where he gets it!

Brad: You're an idiot. You know that?

Henry: Why? Why, because I want to hold Katie accountable? Is that why?

Brad: Because you think that when we found out that baby wasn't ours, our feelings just got cut off and we stopped caring. We love that baby, too, and you want Katie to pay, she's paying every minute of every day. A child that she thought was hers died. If you don't think that she cares about it, then shame on you for ever calling yourself her friend.

Vienna: I know. You want to be a part of the ceremony.

Katie: Only if you would want me there. If you don't, Vienna, I totally understand.

Vienna: We have a saying in Sweden, "where there's a place for hearts, there's a place for bottoms."

Katie: What does that mean?

Vienna: It means that where there's love, there's space. Thank you for loving my baby. I'd love for you to be there.

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