ATWT Best Lines Wednesday 5/20/09

As The World Turns Best Lines Wednesday 5/20/09


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Henry: That, gentlemen, is what they call a royal flush.

Man: Come on, man!

Henry: It's a pity to see grown men cry. Especially you, Bruno.

Bruno: Take the money.

Henry: Ah! Ah, yes, come to Papa. I do believe today is going to be my lucky day.

Paul: I need to charter one of your planes, one-way. You think you can make that happen?

Mr. Byrd: Depends upon where you're going.

Paul: No offense, but I already have a travel agent.

[Knock on door]

Henry: Ignore that.

Brad: Henry, come on, man, I know you're in there, open up.

Henry: Really ignore that.

Brad: Henry?

Henry: Listen, Dodge, um, I'm not here.

Dodge: Yeah, you are.

Henry: No, I mean, could you go to the door and tell this guy that I'm not here. Uh, this guy means to do me bodily harm, okay? And if he breaks my fingers, I can't finish the game. And since -- since this hand is gonna make someone very, very rich, could you please go and get rid of him? Please?

Dodge: You should know, that guy said it was urgent.

Henry: Yeah, urgent to break my knees. You know what's urgent to me? Winning this hand. Because 10 grand can buy me a lot of forgiveness.

Henry: Uh, well, I do. Keep it. I mean, I got some extra left over, I bought Mr. Fuzzy here.

Katie: You got that for the baby?

Henry: Well, yeah, he's not exactly the kind of teddy I normally bring to bed with me, if you know what I'm saying.

Brad: Okay, all right, all right, all right. All right, all right, listen, listen to me, listen to me, like, I really understand, okay, you're upset right now, and what happened is beyond awful, but you don't wanna take it out on Katie, you just need to take some time and just cool down.

Henry: I need to what? I need to take some time, brad? How much time am I supposed to take, here? How much time to get over the death of my unborn child? Should I take, like, a day? Should I pencil it in next Tuesday, what? How about never, Brad!

Brad: You know what? Take however much time you need, but -- all right? Hey, you don't wanna treat Katie like this. Come on, look at her. She's suffering, too. She's your best friend. There is no way that she would want this to happen to you or Vienna -- that she would wish this on you. I mean, you -- you know her better than that.

Henry: Yeah, I know her. It's always all about you.

Katie: What?

Henry: My baby is gone, and Vienna is shattered, but I gotta watch what I say because we can't upset Katie.

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