ATWT Best Lines Wednesday 5/13/09

As The World Turns Best Lines Wednesday 5/13/09


Provided By Elayna

Carly: You're gonna regret this. It'll really start to bother you.

Craig: Are you saying something?

Carly: Your daughter needs you, and your son needs his sister.

Craig: You see, your lips are moving, but there's no sound coming out.

Lucy: I don't know. I'm not sure that it has ended well. My father still won't talk to me.

Lucinda: Oh, honey, what's wrong with that? Who wants to hear Craig drone on and on anyway?

Lucy: Well, he'll never forgive me for going behind his back and siding with Dusty.

Lucinda: Sweetheart, you can have a full, rich life without Craig Montgomery. Some people would say this is something to celebrate.

Lucinda: Well, right now, she is desperate -- desperate for her father to forgive her. Now, I think that's one hell of a bad mistake, and I'm sure that you agree with me.

Dusty: No comment.

Lucinda: I mean, I toss you a piece of red meat with Craig's name on it, and you don't snap it up? What's the matter? You okay?

Carly: You make it very hard for anyone to show you affection, Craig. Watch out that doesn't filter down to Johnny one day.

Craig: Ohh. She hits below the belt.

Carly: I'm just trying to get you to wise up. If you can't work things out with Lucy, how long before you have the same problems with Johnny?

Craig: That won't happen.

Carly: You want to bet?

Craig: Oh, you know, you have so little faith in me.

Carly: I wish I could believe in you. I wish I could get you to take a long, hard look at yourself.

[Craig scoffs] Well, introspection is overrated.

Carly: Not in this case. In fact, it's long overdue.

Carly: And all the terrible things she's done to you. But the terrible things you've done to her are off-limits, right?

Craig: If this is the part where you tick off a litany of my crimes and misdemeanors, please don't bother.

Carly: Let's just think back to all the times you've had to ask your loved ones to -- to give you another chance. And not just Lucy, but Bryant, and Sierra, and Margo, and Katie, and Rosanna. At one time or another, each and every one of them has had to forgive you for something terrible.

Craig: That may be true, but --

Carly: Well, how can you be so self-righteous, then? Be man enough to tell your daughter that you love her, to forgive her the way she's forgiven

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