ATWT Best Lines Tuesday 4/28/09

As The World Turns Best Lines Tuesday 4/28/09


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Carly: He blames us, too, and with good reason.

Jack: Oh, don't give me that. We didn't manipulate parker.

Carly: Didn't we, by pretending that we were being supportive when we really wanted them to break up?

Jack: Okay. If you think there's a chance that parker is with Craig, call him. Fine. At this point, I'd negotiate with the devil if I had to.

Carly: Well, look on the bright side. Maybe parker went over there to yell at him.

Jack: You think?

Carly: Anything's possible.

Jack: I'd pay to see that, actually.

Carly: Hi, Craig.

Craig: Carly, what a nice surprise.

Carly: I'm looking for parker.

Craig: Really? I happen to be looking at parker. Just another way that we're connected

Jack: We didn't raise parker to believe that money was the answer to everything, Craig.

Craig: No, it's not, but it can answer some of life's unpleasant questions.

Jack: That's what you want to teach your kids, fine, but you keep your gospel according to Craig away from mine. Thank you.

Craig: Carly and I are through. She told you that.

Jack: Yeah. You asked her to marry you, and then she couldn't go through with it, and ever since, you've been sniffing around her no matter how many times she tells you to get lost. Can't help hoping she'll change her mind?

Craig: No. I can't help but hope she'll realize how much better off she is without a self-righteous, judgmental jerk like you in her life. You know, if you were half, even half, the model of parenting perfection that you think you are, you might have a leg to stand on, but you have no one but yourself to blame for the mess that you've made of the relationship with your son.

Jack: Mm-hmm. Says the man who once attempted to kidnap his own daughter. That why she took off with little Johnny, do you think? She was afraid the same thing was gonna happen to him?

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