ATWT Best Lines Friday 4/24/09

As The World Turns Best Lines Friday 4/24/09


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Liberty: Hey, it's gonna be an exciting birthday coming up for you.

Brad: Definitely. Definitely. Almost as exciting as the one I celebrated last week -- may 5th, to be exact.

Liberty: Whose birthday's that?

Brad: It was mine.

Liberty: Sorry, but your birthday's not in May.

Brad: No, it is now. It is now. May 5th last year, that's when I got the DNA results back, so that was the day that I was -- I was born as a father.

Liberty: Dad!

[Both laugh]

Brad: I mean, before that, I was a kid myself, you know? But then I found out that there was this incredibly smart, gorgeous, wild, unruly miracle walking around that I was a part of. And that was my chance -- my chance to grow up.

Liberty: Uh, sorry. You're kind of never gonna grow up.

Brad: Yeah.

Liberty: [Laughs]

Brad: You have no idea what you've done for me. If I end up being a good father to this new baby, it's all because of you.

Liberty: Dad, that is really such an awesome thing for you to say. Thank you.

Brad: I've never been more serious in my life.

Liberty: Oh, hey, mom's waiting outside. She kind of just wanted us to bond, whatever.

Brad: Okay. Well, all right, well -- you're my number one. You're my number one. I mean, there's no one, no matter how much I love it, could ever take your place. I am so proud of you. Every day.

Liberty: Thank you.

Dusty: Check the other crates. Make sure they're clean. Then ship Lucy's cargo.

Cesar: What am I supposed to do with the guns?

Dusty: You see that dumpster over there? When the shipment goes out, I'll call the cops tell them where to pick up the guns. You'll be in the clear.

Lucy: Sounds good.

Dusty: One more thing. Take this. Lucy was never here. She never saw those guns. You got it?

Lucy: I hope this works.

Dusty: It will. You got to promise me something.

Lucy: Sure.

Dusty: From now on, everything you do has to be legal. That way Johnny will be able to keep you around.

Lucy: I'd like to keep you around, too. I'm so grateful to you. I don't know how I will ever thank you.

Craig: It's all right, Johnny. Nothing to worry about.

Jack: Until you're a teenager.

Craig: Say something, Jack?

Jack: Forget it. I'm out of here.

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