ATWT Best Lines Wednesday 4/22/09

As The World Turns Best Lines Wednesday 4/22/09


Provided By Elayna

Katie: Welcome to "Author's Corner" with psychic Myra Haft. Now, this is interesting. I didn't realize that psychics had specialties. Some are into ghosts, and some are all about past lives.

Myra: Some of the brave ones even take on the stock market.

Damian: How could I have kidnapped Luke when you kept me locked up in here?

Margo: Because you said yourself you have connections! You have contacts! You easily could have arranged Luke's kidnapping from your jail cell.

Damian: If I'm so powerful, what good is it going to do to keep me here?

Margo: I'll sleep better.

Henry: What's going on?

Katie: Don't you have some sort of Hippocratic oath against hit-and-run ESP?

Katie: Because I don't feel like it's wasting time to find out things about the baby that I'm gonna raise and live with for the next 18 years.

Brad: Or longer. And if it's a girl, I'm not gonna let her get married till she's at what, at least 30?

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