ATWT Best Lines Wednesday 4/15/09

As The World Turns Best Lines Wednesday 4/15/09


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Vienna: I thought that by sleeping late, I would fight it off, but now I feel worse than what I did two hours ago.

Brad: Well, I think sleeping in only works with hangovers.

Katie: We need to learn how to embrace this part of the journey.

Henry: Really? Embrace it how?

Katie: By taking care of each other.

Henry: Okay, mama bear. We're in a suburb, not a commune.

Vienna: This is something my mother always made when we were sick.

Brad: It smells. I mean, what is it supposed to do?

Vienna: This is gonna get rid of the congestion.

Brad: It's about to get rid of my breakfast.

Vienna: I'm not having this fight with you. I didn't do anything wrong.

Henry: You let Brad put his hands all over you!

Vienna: He was helping me breathing. I felt like I was suffocating.

Henry: You were smiling.

Vienna: I was happy to see you.

Henry: Yes, and in the state you were in, I'm sure Brad was happy, too.

Brad: You know, look, we've talked about this, and, you know, I get it. I get it. I really do. It's got to be hard dealing with the fact that I, you know, got Vienna pregnant.

Henry: Will you listen to me, you walking monkey wrench, that is my --

Brad: Your what?

Henry: That is my woman, okay? Vienna is my woman, and I don't like you talking about her like that way, okay? Do you understand that? Huh?

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