ATWT Best Lines Wednesday 4/8/09

As The World Turns Best Lines Wednesday 4/8/09


Provided By Elayna

Vienna: Oh! Ooh, it looks delicious! Oh, this is wonderful. We're like a little, cozy family.

Henry: Yeah. Mama bear, papa bear, yogi, boo boo. And now, just be forewarned, papa bear gets a little cranky when he's hungry.


Vienna: Yeah, but we have no secrets, Henry!

Henry: (under his breath) I don't know about that.

Brad: I had something to do with making this baby, too, remember?

Henry: (Under his breath) Yeah. I don't know about that, either.


Janet: She's just a teenager, Craig.

Craig: That's true, but it also beats playing desperate housewife before she's out of high school.


Katie: Oh, come on, Henry. Don't be so shy.

Brad: Yeah. You can talk about your book.

Henry: Okay. Uh, as long as you shoot my good side. Or just shoot me.


Janet: Why is it when he interferes in your son's life, you want to throw him in the slammer? But when he interferes with my daughter's life and wants to ship her off to New York City, he's the patron saint of teenagers. Do you see a double standard here, Jack?


Brad: That's because you're not a guy. You know, Henry's macho pride was hurt because Vienna's carrying another man's baby. You know, he says he's cool with it, but there's this -- you know, there's this feeling, deep down.

Katie: What feeling?

Brad: That he couldn't cut the mustard. Look, I'm not saying it makes sense. I'm just saying that sometimes, it doesn't take much for a guy to feel inadequate.

Katie: No. That doesn't sound like Henry.

Brad: Why not?

Katie: I was married to him, remember? He was never inadequate -- in that department.

Brad: Too much information.

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