ATWT Best Lines Wednesday 2/18/09

As The World Turns Best Lines Wednesday 2/18/09


Provided By Elayna

Henry: Well, I'm beginning to know pregnancy tests better than I do. You've had experience with this. Which one of these is best?

Brad: It's not my department. All I know is you pee on it, and it tells you if you're pregnant or not.

Henry: You make it sound so simple. Like people do this every day.

Brad: They do.


Paul: Okay. Maybe I help you now. What is it that you want?

Josie: Dusty. I want dusty.

Paul: You got anything else on your list? Is there, like, a second thing on your list?


Brad: No, something is definitely off with her, okay? When she found out she got her period, she -- it was like she was gonna cry. Break down and just start crying.

Henry: It's called PMS, champ.


Henry: I have been toying around with the idea of a vasectomy.

[Brad laughing]Henry: I take it that does not appeal to you?

Brad: Hell, no, no. Hell, no. Okay, I do plan on having children eventually.

Henry: Well, it is reversible.

Brad: Look, I don't want any scalpel anywhere near that neighborhood, okay? Once is enough, never mind twice.

Henry: Right, yeah, okay. I'm going to the hospital to get some information. Do you want to come with?

Brad: I'm going to find another way to protect Katie from herself.

Henry: Okay, but remember, the only safe sex is no sex.

Brad: Well, let's go to the hospital and find out about vasectomies.


Henry: You know, they might give us a two-for-one deal if we sign up for vasectomies at the same time. What do you think?

Brad: That I don't even want to think about it. Count me out. I'll wait for you at the coffee.

Henry: Chicken.

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